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“I have so much admiration for Michael Christian Martinez. Coming from the Philippines, from a poor family, doing the olympics at sixteen, and now 14th in 4cc! I wonder how he even got his country sports federation’s attention, or if there were kids who could compete against him when he was younger in his country. He really has to be amazingly talented and determined to achieve what he did”

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Is there any post or primer of Connor and Andre I didn't even know they interacted outside of the ice sorry I saw you put Burky as Connor first love and I got curious

ah yes! Andre played for Erie Otters in 2013-2014 season and he was close with Connor. just look.

and of course we can’t forget this pic, featuring Dyl

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Many say that PW made Yuzu's weakness into his strength, which is posture i think. But I don't really see the details of it, do you mind explaining? Thank you so much!

Oh boy, not sure how much outrage I’m going to attract with this answer, but I honestly don’t think PW is the miracle many people make it out to be. Is it a good program? Sure it is. Do I love it? Of course I do. Did it mark a momentous turning point in Yuzuru’s career? Yeah, well, not so much.

But wait, before you start yelling at me for my utter ignorance, let me explain. First, let’s have a look at young Yuzu’s weaknesses, or if you want a better phrase, his areas for development. The biggest issue Yuzu had to deal with back then (and by back then I really mean up until the 2013-2014 season) was stamina, which brought with it all sorts of problem, most notably in the second half of his performances. Watch this free skate from 4CC 2011 for example, where you can see he started out solid and then ran out of steam about halfway through. From around the 2:20 mark onward his shoulders began to drop and his back was not held as straight as before, which created the impression that he’s looking down at the ice instead of maintaining connection with the judges and the audience. This was the source of all the complaints about his posture back in those days, but such criticism was entirely missing the point. Yuzu did not have bad posture per se, he just didn’t have enough stamina to keep his posture under control all the way through. Those two may sound similar and look similar but they’re 2 completely different issues. Intrinsically bad posture is way harder to fix since it most likely is a result of habit formed during basic training. In Yuzu’s case though, he just needed to build up stamina and take some time to grow up from a tiny little adorable bean into a still adorable bean, but with some much needed muscle on his bean bones. Both of these happened slowly but surely during the course of the next couple of seasons, and by the time PW 1.0 came around, it’s got to the point where he can actually finished his short programs without looking like he’s gonna drop dead at the end (the free skates still required some work). Here, feel free to compare and contrast the ending of this performance (4CC 2011) and this performance (Skate America 2012). All in all, it’s less about PW helping him fix his posture and more about Yuzu finally getting to a state where he was no longer plagued by stamina-inducing posture issue in short programs.

Of course, PW is a brilliantly choreographed program as well as a great choice of music, and I’d say rather than turning Yuzu’s weaknesses into strengths, PW allowed him to play to his strong points. Again, these two might sound familiar but they’re not. Back then another of Yuzu’s so-called weaknesses was in edgework, i.e. his edges were not as clean as what was ideal. Part of the issue was real, as in his skating skills did have room for improvement and at TCC they worked on that a hell of a lot, which, incidentally, started to bear result around the time of PW 1.0. Another part of the issue though was that at the time Patrick Chan was basically everyone’s image of what ideal skating looked like. Patrick is, of course, awesome, but his skating and Yuzu’s couldn’t be more different in styles. Patrick’s is all about solidity and deep edges and taking time to showcase his lines (I dub it the ‘real skating has curves’ style), while Yuzu has always favored agility and light footwork and variations in speed and fast-paced changes of direction. Neither style is more technically demanding than the other and which one you, as the audience, prefer is really just a matter of taste. Now what Jeff Buttle created with PW was a choreography that perfectly complemented Yuzu’s distinctive style (instead of going for what was fashionable): swift multi-directional turns, plenty of speed, playful, dramatic and somewhat whimsical body movements. All of those were made possible thanks to Yuzu’s flexible knee bend and his quick reflex and his cat-like sense of balance. Basically when Yuzu skates to PW he doesn’t have to fight for or against anything because the choreography allows his body to move whichever way that feels most natural to him, and that’s what I meant when I said PW let Yuzu play to his strengths rather than tried to correct his weaknesses.    

Oh hell that was a long ass answer, probably way too long : )) Let me just wrap this up with an offer: if you are interested in a program that truly turned Yuzu’s weaknesses into strengths, I raise you: Romeo & Juliet 1.0. Watch how all his frantic movements in the second half (dropped shoulders, gasping for every breath, bits of a sloppy edge here and there) played to the theme of the music and could well be taken as interpretation of the character he’s assuming (judging from the cheers he received, surely that was how the audience took it). Watch how even that unexpected fall served to intensify the drama (Romeo at Juliet’s deathbed?). Watch, at the end, how all his struggles culminated in this final desperate gesture:

Have you heard any complaint about his posture in this performance? I sure haven’t :)

Japanese vocab with Yuzuru - Day 13

[Disclaimer: this content may turn you into a hardcore Yuzu fan like it did to me, so read at your own risk!! XD] 

Today is something about Yuzuru that I find both very relatable but also admirable: It’s about how he view himself as a person.

1. 弱い(よわい|yo-wai): weak 

 –> 弱さ(yo-wa-sa) <noun> weakness, 弱く(yo-wa-ku) <adverb>

2. 強い(つよい|tsu-yoi): strong 

–> 強さ(tsu-yo-sa) <noun> strength, 強く(tsu-yo-ku) <adverb>

In Jounetsu Tairiki (at 20:17), when asked if he considered himself a strong person or not, he answered very quickly:

弱いです、めちゃくちゃ弱いです(よわいです、めちゃくちゃよわいです|yo-wai de-su, me-cha-ku-cha yo-wai de-su)
I’m weak, very weak.

But he has never been discouraged or settled with how he perceives himself. He has always strived to be better, to be stronger. After recognizing the fact that the reason why he wasn’t able to deliver good performances at NHK 2014 is not due to physical problems but rather a psychological one, he said this:

I feel extremely unpleasant that I’m getting weak, I truly hate it. But being weak means I can become stronger.

And after the horrible performances at NHK, he bounced back and won his second GPF gold with brilliant performances. (If you’re interested, then head to this interview which I always hold very dear to my heart ). 

And here is Yuzuru’s motto for 2013-2014 season, where he aimed for the Olympic gold, and did eventually get his first Olympic gold (here at 7:10):

強い自分になることです(つよいじぶんになることです|tsu-yoi ji-bun ni na-ru ko-to de-su) To become my strong self.

It hurts to see Yuzuru bumping into so much hardships along the way in his career, but he has always come out of them as a stronger person, a better skater, and not only that is something so remarkable and admirable, but it is also what makes his performances and his victories much much more meaningful, for both him and us fans.

So it may be 1 month, 2 months not being able to see him skate, but I’ll put my trust in Yuzu this time, and hope he’ll rest well and have a speedy recovery :3

The year in Yuri on Ice

Okay, so I wanted to know what the year in Yuri on Ice is. It felt like everyone is just assuming that it would be the current 16/17 season, but while we got several information on the month, we never got the year.

And as it turns out, it’s not 2016.

In the first episode we saw the results of Yuuri’s last Grand Prix Final.

Notice the logo at the top of the results?

It looks like the one from the GPF 2012 in Sochi, only mirror-inverted.

Then, in the latest episode we got another small explanation/recap how the Grand Prix Series works. And we get this logo of the current season:

And this is the logo of the GPF 2013:

Which doesn’t just look like the one in Yuri on Ice, it is the same exact one.

So, Yuri on Ice seems to be set during the 2013/2014 season. It also matches the order of the Cups. The events are not always in the same order, but in 2013 it was this:

  • 2013 Skate America: October  18–20
  • 2013 Skate  Canada: October  25–27
  • 2013 Cup of China: November  1–3
  • 2013 NHK Trophy: November  8–10
  • 2013 Trophée de France: November  15–17
  • 2013 Rostelecom Cup: November  22–24

I guess we could safely assume that this is the time frame for the Cups in the anime too. We didn’t get the date of the Cup of China in the anime, but this means, episode 6 is happening in the beginning of November.

(Edit: Thank you @lazuliblade for the reblog with all the added information. Everyone, check out this reblog for more timeline tidbits.)

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I think the ISU wants to kill the figure skating. It can only be this.

I rarely read a proposal containing so much bullshit, and I read almost all Hersh’s articles, so I’m used to bullshit.

But let’s break the article.

A top official at the International Skating Union said the organization is looking at “radical change” in figure skating in order to achieve a better balance between the athletic and artistic sides of the sport.

Please meet Fabio Bianchetti, son of Sonia Bianchetti, chairman of Technical Commitee (like his mother before him). 

Doctor by the day, he has been elected in the office last year when he was the only name listed to be elected for the role.
The fact that no-one else was proposed by anyone else to fill the role should already tell you everything you need to know about ISU and all National Federations ruling this sport.

The first question anyone would ask herself reading the opening paragraph is what does exactly mean “in order to achieve a  better balance between the athletic and artistic sides of the sport”?

Let’s see how Mr. Bianchetti answers us.

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Tyson Barrie is in love with Nathan Mackinnon

and I have proof. I love Tyson. He’s such a soft bro and a nice person like honestly, he’s great. And while all the stuff being passed around about how great he is, is awesome, there’s something I just need to clear up. Tyson is dating Nate. There is no question about it. Sit down, while I present some facts to you about these awesome muffins.

Here he is gracing Nate’s Instagram in 2013 when he started rooming with Tyson on the road. Earlier in the season he was rooming with Gabe and changed roommates sometime in November. 

Here we have an adorable picture of the two of them on a plane. I don’t know whether or not Tyson is actually sleeping on Nate, but I like to think he is. This was posted by Nate during the All-Star Break of the 2013-2014 season. Obviously, he misses Tyson a lot.

Here we have a ridiculous montage of pictures posted by Nate for Tyson’s birthday. The bottom left picture is so soft, I don’t know what to do with myself. The message screenshot is just so wonderful and just makes me so sad that they ever have to be apart.

In this picture that Tyson posted in June from the NHL Awards, we’ve got the three amigos. There are a lot of pictures of the three of them over their social media. But, only two in the picture are up for awards: Nate and Ryan. Basically, Tyson was Nate’s date the year he won the Calder Trophy.

Next, we have the infamous photo of Nate and Ty adopting Max Talbot’s son for the night. Max was Nate’s billet family for his first two years in the league. It’s worth noting that Max took this photo and Nate liked it enough to post it. Honestly, if it weren’t for the caption I would completely believe that was their child.

They went on vacation together during the Avs off week in the 2014-2015 season. I know this because it’s not like they just took a day off to go swimming when they were in Florida. Fort Lauderdale is about an hour away from Miami where the Florida Panthers play, and that’s with good traffic. 

The next two photos go hand in hand. After their win at Worlds in 2015, they went on vacation supposedly with this group of guys in the photo Nate posted. But, two weeks later, Tyson posts a picture with a guy that doesn’t appear in the first picture. I think they actually went on vacation just the two of them. 

Both Nate and Tyson posted this picture after Tyson came to visit him and Sid in LA. Something to note with this picture and any picture containing Nate, Sid, and Tyson, Tyson is always between Nate and Sid. Always. 

This link will take you to Tyson’s Instagram to a video that he took of Nate dancing in the car as they drive to practice together (or somewhere). 


This link will take you to Nate’s Instagram to a stupid video of Tyson playing basketball with a bear head on. (Also for any of you who wondered how he got the TBear nickname.)


And yet another link that will take you to Tyson’s instagram. It’s a video of Tyson telling a joke about the size of Gabe’s head. Nate laughs so hard he falls onto Tyson’s shoulder and boob grabs him. Its fabulous.


Now, I’ve got a video for ya. The players of the Avs as well as several other Colorado teams put on a dinner every year for the fans to meet the plays and have a good time. Every year, the Avs have a player take on being interviewer for a day and go around interviewing their teammates. It just so happens that the year of 2015-2016 Tyson and Nate go interviewing together. The entire video is a masterpiece, but there’s a specific section y’all should go watch. If you watch between 8:15 and 9:15 you will see Matt Duchene make a pass at Tyson who gets crazy flustered and Nate tries to recover for him. 


The next video is from that same night. Tyson and Nate are interviewed in this one and asked to rate each other’s outfits. It’s very obvious they’re in love. Just listen to the way they talk about each other.


Following that night, Nate posts a picture from their interview escapade with the gay couples emoji. So cute.

After all that, Tyson’s Instagram goes dry basically all summer of anything to do with Nate, but Nate posts a picture, again from that same interview escapade when Tyson resigned with the Avs after a very long negotiation process. “Bossekrull” aka Gabe’s private instagram account comments “out of all the photos you guys have taken… this is the one you decide to post???” so it must be a Macbarrie thing to take photos together.instagram account comments “out of all the photos you guys have taken… this is the one you decide to post???” so it must be a Macbarrie thing to take photos together.

Last but not least we have a picture in paris of them together from Worlds just this past May. I love it because they’re leaning each other and yet again Tyson is in between Nate and Sid. 

There ya have it, folks. Nate and Tyson are in love. The proof is here. Also, Gabe is in a long-term relationship with Mel Shouldice. She runs the Instagram account for their dog Zoey Pickles. She’s an adorable pitbull and you should follow her on Instagram.