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The driving force behind my songwriting?  I was given a lot of pressure.  Jaeho really pressured me.  Jaeho hyung is a tackle player.  Like, I would work on a song and he would come to the studio, listen to one second of the song and say, “Ya, don’t write this trash!”  It would make me angry, but once I threw out the song, a better one could be written.  And then I would just hope, “be satisfied, you guys.”  - Yijeong
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Top Watched Anime of 2014

I know I’m a little late to the party here but I figured I’ve watched a bunch of anime this past year and I wanted to list my tops…!! Yes, a lot of these aren’t from 2014 BUT nonetheless, they are all amazing!


10.    Another      (January 10, 2012-May 26, 2012)


9.   Ao No Exorcist     (April 17, 2011-October 26, 2011)


8.   D. Gray Man       (October 3, 2006-September 30, 2008)



7.    Black Butler- Book of Circus (July 11, 2014-September 12, 2014)


6.    Shingeki no Kyoji        (April 6, 2013-November 1, 2014)


5.      Fairy Tail        (October 12, 2009-Ongoing)



4.      Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji      (October 4, 2014-Ongoing)


3.     Full Metal Panic     (entire series, January 8, 2002-May 26, 2006)


2.     Death Note        (October 3, 2006-June 26, 2007)

1.    Noragami          (January 5, 2015-July 17, 2014)