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Do you have a favorite cast?

from the casts i’ve seen live, probably nothing will ever top the 2013/2014 west end cast for me (willemijn, savannah, jeremy), since they pretty much started my love affair with wicked (灬♥ω♥灬) but also willemijn wowed me with her voice again this year so it’s not a one-off (my friend laughed at how open-mouthed i was during defying gravity — even though she should have been watching will and not me!!!).

other than that, i don’t really have a set favourite cast but i love a ton of actors for a mixture of reasons. just off the top of my head, stephanie j. block & eden espinosa as elphies / katie rose clarke, alli mauzey & carrie st. louis as glindas / kyle dean massey as fiyero (probably more but look i don’t watch wicked for fiyero) / deedee magno hall & catherine charlebois as nessa / robb sapp as boq.

(this was fun hehe thank you for asking! (´∀`)♡)


More Team 7 Stage Play actors trivia:

Yuki Kimisawa (Kakashi), Ryuji Sato (Sasuke) and Koudai Matsuoka (Naruto) first teamed up as members of Shitenhoji Tennis Club in the Prince of Tennis Musical - Seigaku vs Shitenhoji Season 2 (Dec. 2013 - March 2014). 

The cast of Shitenhoji 2 are the 7th Generation of casts. The first POT musical premiered in the Golden Week of 2003. 


A few of my favourite photos from the twitters of the 2013-2014 Les Mis cast.