“[…] while [George’s] only interest at Liverpool Institute was in seeing just how outrageous he could dress before being rapped over the knuckles.” - Mark Lewisohn, Tune In: The Beatles: All These Years (2013)

“He was mischievous. He did like to tease people a lot. I just got so used to being wound up – he just wound me up every single day I think I knew him. And he said, ‘You’re just so easy to wind up.’ He’d make some really bad remark, and he’d just do it so I’d start protesting. And he was funny, and he made you funny to be around him, and if you could make him laugh, that was just great.” - Olivia Harrison, CNN (2012)

“George loved to wind people up. We were talking about Eric Clapton’s appearance on The South Bank Show, where I thought Eric was putting himself up with Jimi Hendrix and it pissed me off. George said: ‘Well, he was better than Hendrix. Jimi was just flash, wasn’t he?’ We had a big row. Then we were talking about blues and George said: ‘BB King isn’t blues, he’s pop.’ I said: 'I’m fucking going home.’ So I jumped in my car. And he came after me and we both said sorry. But he had to have the last word, saying: 'Anyway, they’re all shit compared to Ravi Shanker.’” - Gary Moore, Classic Rock magazine (UK) (2008)

“I had my photo taken with Ted Heath [former British PM] once. I happened to be at the next door studio to one where he was on this TV programme - he was playing the organ. This friend dragged me in and said, you know, Go and stand by him and I’ll get the photo. And the director was going - it was a live programme - OK, 20 seconds, 19, 18…and I suddenly popped up beside him and said, Hello Ted, I hear you’re having to move abroad for tax reasons! He looked a bit unhappy about it.” - George Harrison, Q magazine (1988)


Benedictum - Scream (Official Video / New Album 2013)

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