SYRIA. Damascus governorate. Damascus. January 30, 2013. Rebels Attack Government Checkpoint. A Free Syrian Army fighter shouts before a renewed assault on the Ein Tarma checkpoint begins. FSA fighters then fire a rocket-propelled grenade before taking cover amid flying debris and shrapnel, as a shell fired from a Syrian Army tank hits the wall above them. A rebel fighter grabs his head, after he and his comrades were hit by debris and shrapnel. Finally, Syrian rebels mourn the death of a comrade.

Rebel fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) attacked a government checkpoint, in the Ein Tarma neighborhood, on 30 January. The battle for the suburbs of Damascus was considered crucial to both parties. In this incident, FSA fighters launched an attack on the Ein Tarma checkpoint over the course of two hours, and were targeted by snipers. After evacuating a fallen comrade, the rebels returned to the attack while under rocket fire and then shelling from tanks.

Spot News, first prize stories at the 2014 World Press Photo Contest.

Photographs: Goran Tomasevic/Reuters


Captain Harlock Week, Day 7: Favourite rescue

Surprisingly, this rescue was pretty good! Yeah I know loads can probably beat this scene, but I’m at work and my breaks ending soon so I wanna post this before I forget to do it later.

Yama saved Kei.

Then Harlock dramatically (and gracefully) falls out of the ship, does a flip, does a superhero landing (ha Deadpool reference), does an epic cape swish, then gives his hand to Yama.

And then they escape from the clutches of danger by a breath (I mean you see the little escape pod sway).

It’s pretty cool!