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Fifth Harmony

How long have I listened to them?

Since X Factor, 2012

Favorite song:

Who Are You, We Know, and Everlasting Love

Least Favorite song:

Me & My Girls

Favorite Album:


First song I’ve heard from them:

“Impossibe (Cover)” or one that is by 5H “Miss Movin’ On”

Have I ever Seen them in Concert?

YESSSS (Best Day Of My Life)

Any merch I possess:

I do. Posters, shirts, hats, compact mirror and … probably more I just can’t remember…

Favorite recorded concert, If available:

I really love 5H’s performance at the Youth Awards 2015 and 2015 Radio Disney Awards

Favorite Single/Music Video:

Sledgehammer - Single

All I Want For Christmas - Music video

Favorite Member, current:

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