Regardless of how much I disagree with Romney’s economical policies, the point is: 

Taxes are not the main issue between these two candidates.

Racism, sexism, homophobia, misogyny, transphobia, ableism, discrimination of poor, elimination of the middle class, etc. are the issues.

Bottom line – only one of these candidates will recognize you as a human being, rather than a price tag.


We need to stick together and vote in Obama in 2012.

As the voting day is getting nearer here are a few reasons to NOT VOTE REPUBLICAN:

1. Look at what Arnold Schwarzenegger did to the state of California. TERRIBLE ADMINISTRATION

2. They are against everyone.
They dont like gays
They dont like African Americans or Latinos
They dont like single women
They dont like……
They dont like……
They approach everyone as if they are a very “select and special” group of people.
They are trying to be judge everyone as if they were God, but their actions dont match their words.

3. They claim that President Obama’s administration of the USA is terrible.
They forget that President Obama is trying to fix the mistakes and errors that they, (the Republicans), messed up in the past 8 years.
Let’s try and see what the Democrats can do in 8 years and see if it is better.

4. They have candidates like Christine O'Donnell that go to a debate and has no idea how or what to answer.
She told the reporter, “I dont know it off the top of my head but I will put it on my website.”
Is this the person that you will vote to represent you?
If she doesnt do her homework to be prepared for a debate, how can she represent us in Congress?
It isn’t the people’s job to Google her website to find out her answers.

5. They are against illegal immigration. (I am against it as well.)
But we have a bigger job to do.
I’m more against them giving green cards and citizenships to terrorists and putting the country and the people’s life at risk.
Before fixing the illegal immigration problem, we need to review who are the workers inside the immigration offices.
Lets go deeper and review who is getting a CITIZENSHIP.
This country is too special to give a citizenship to the wrong people.

6. Dont ask, dont tell is the most ridiculous thing ever.
The republicans want to keep people in the closet because that is the way they live.
They hide who they are all the time.
How many gay people die for our country to protect us?
They should at least be recognized for who they are. It is not their sexual preference that matters.
They are brave and love their country more than any Republican or more than any other citizen.
They are forced to hide their true identity.

7. I do prefer to know the sexual preference of someone and know who they really are and know their beliefs, than to have a straight man cheating on his wife and not telling her.

8. Have you paid attention that all Republicans go on TV and talk bad about everyone. They trash the president, gays, different races and then later come and apologize like they are five year olds that dont know what they said or that they “didnt mean it.”
When you say I didnt mean it you are calling the public stupid.
Yes you did mean to say it and are now worrying at how many votes you are losing.

9. Brainwashing someone and sharing thoughts and opinions are two different things. That is the one thing Republicans dont understand.

10. They dont understand that every culture will have good and bad people.
Not one single race or nation is perfect.
They dont understand that American is the hope because they are rich, spoiled, never needed to work, and have been in this country since birth.
They dont take responsibility for their actions. It is always someone else’s fault.
Its not about the country, they always make it about themselves