this is for monday, januaryLast day of finals. Had English & Biology. Not so bad. 

The highlight of today was afterschool. I learned the 2nd half of our stepping choreo & went along with UHS’s step team ahah. That was a lot of fun. ^__^

We then went outside and learned choreo for PYT, hello Hell Week.
I’m not in this picture, but here’s a fun part to PYT. (: Captured. It was gorgeous outside, and then it got cold, and then I got slightly sick. womps.



Happy 1st Birthday Penelope! I woke up at like 8am. Then went back to sleep and woke up at 10an, and ate Pandesal. We had a party at 12pm, but we left for it at 10:30am. We went to Menlo to buy a gift for my cousin, Penelope, then went to her birthday party at some Japanese Buffet restaurant. ^__^

They played Tangled and it was weird cause the characters were green. ;D I was kinda bored for a few hours, except for the times I played with Penelope, (the birthday celebrant who turned 1! ;D & the girl baby I took a picture with). And later @chrisontopofher & @ohhaisabrina came & we all just talked the rest of the party. (: So cute ohmahgah.



Dressed up today with @naderadez for a party that got cancelled. Mardi Gras. D; asdfjlk; what a waaaaaaste. IskippedclassforthefirsttimeandIwillneverdothatagaincausethatwasscary.

During school, I saw me & Nades were wearing polka dots & looked like we belonged in the 60’s? xD Eh. & THEN @tinyang & @kutbuttt WERE MATCHING, So I needed a picture. (Sorry Tin for not posting this up sooner!) D; 

Walked home again with Nades & @jo5eph & Kut. Kut & Nades stayed at my house and we ate siopao & watched RiLListic’s bideo. again. oh joy. 
I later had ballet where my teacher was absent and some guy replaced. Yeah….neveragain. omg. That was something. xD
THEN I got grounded cause my mom found out I hid my report card and my day was forever sorta ruined. The end.