Major achievements of BIGBANG in 2012
  • VIPs were named “Best Fans” at MTV Italy TRL awards. ()
  • Shows of the Alive tour were sold out in every country that BB attended. Due to high demand, additional shows were requested to be added to the shows in some cities including Anaheim, New Jersey, London, Singapore and Hong Kong. ()
  • They have also broken records during Alive tour, including (but not limited to) having the highest concert ticket sales in Taiwan by a Korean artist, selling the most tickets within one day for a Kpop concert in Malaysia, and gathering the largest crowd to see a Korean act in England. (//)
  • BIGBANG’s “Alive” album debuted at #150 US Billboard 200 charts This is the first time that any Kpop artist has landed on this chart without US promotion. ()
  • G-Dragon’s “One of a Kind” album also broke into the Billboard 200 chart, landing at #161, making him the 3rd Kpop artist to land on the chart without US promotion. ()
  • G-Dragon was named the #1 songwriter of 2012, writing 17 successful songs in this year alone. ()
  • The first and only two songs to have hit Melon’s roof without Melon’s recommendation is BIGBANG’s “Blue” and G-Dragon’s “That XX” (keeping in mind that “That XX” is rated 19+). ()
  • “Blue” has hit Melon’s roof the most times out of any other artist in 2012, with 20 roof hits. “That XX” and “Monster” have hit the roof 5 times each, achieving some of the most Melon roof hits in 2012, along with songs by Epik High, Lee Hi, Naul, Psy & Busker Busker. ()
  • BIGBANG broke a previous record by being a Korean artist to reach #3 on Top 10 Overall albums on US iTunes with “Alive”. The original record was set by BIGBANG last year with “Tonight”, which reached #7. (/)