2012: ice age


Stone Circle and Labyrinth, Holker Hall and Gardens, Lake District, Cumbria, 14.5.17. This replica stone circle and labyrinth combines elements of the Bronze Age sites of Cumbria with a traditional labyrinth to great effect. The sites sits outside the formal gardens of Holker Hall but within the parkland and has a magnificent prospect of the surrounding countryside and landscape. This was a perfect location for a very sunny day in May.

  • Tanaka: I don't know what's wrong with me. I can't eat, can't sleep, I think I'm coming down with something.
  • Daichi: *chuckles* I know what you've got: the L word.
  • Hinata: yeAH, LEPROSY!
  • Suga: No, Hinata. It's four letters, starts with L, ends with E.
  • Hinata:
  • Hinata: aH, LICE!!
  • Suga:
  • Daichi:
  • Tanaka:
  • Me as a Grandma: I remember when Ice Age was about three prehistoric mammals and a baby, not a mammoth, the mammoth's wife, the mammoth's wife's adopted possum brothers, the mammoth's daughter, the mammoth's daughter's husband, a sabertooth, the sabertooth's wife, a sloth, the sloth's wife, the sloth's grandma, and the sloth's grandma's husband.
  • Me as a Grandma: Life was so much simpler, then.

Llangefni Eisteddfod Stone Circle, Anglesey, North Wales, 13.5.17. A modern stone circle that is now devoid of any atmosphere thanks to its situation amidst a housing estate, industrial unit and next to a supermarket car park! This is a real shame because a few carefully planted trees could cure all that.