2012: germany


Merkel “changed her stance” after being invited home to a lesbian couple and their 8 foster children. SPD is pushing for the vote and we will hopefully get it this week. The outcome is expected to be a YES and CDU/CSU (Merkel’s party) is said to go along with it. YOU CANT IMAGINE HOW THRILLED I AM!!


Merkel got invited by two lesbians to see their life with their kids and she changed her view about gay marriage i’m so happy

ID #57933

Name: Carina
Age: 16
Country: Germany

When I was 8 years old I met a girl on a playground. We had a lot of fun (apparently I had) so we exchanged a dresseses. I wrote her a letter, but she never replied. Guess she felt a bit pressured by me. Still I am a HUGE fan of snail mail, and I’m searching for a passionate snail mail friend who does reply regular! And likes me, of course. I’m having a “pen pal”, but since it’s a friend from school who does write letters like twice a year it doesn’t really count for me. I’m putting effort in my letters, and respond quick in general. Just in case you fear, I also never blaickmailed someone or came to their house and robbed them. (So far. ;-))
So, here a brief description of myself: First of all I’m a nerd in terms of books, films, shows, and music, plus I’m more on the “dark side” means I’m kinda.. metal, goth, something like that, but I don’t like labels that much so I wouldn’t count myself to a specific scene.
I’m into crossover, like different genres of heavy metal, rock, punk, but I also like the weird stuff, cabaret, some electro swing and stuff. The weirder the better. Some bands I’m currently listening to are Alestorm, Gloryhammer, a lot of Tool, and Grausame Töchter. For books, I read everything I can. I’m almost reading non stop, mostly fiction, sometimes nonfiction and comics. Shows I line are Doctor Who, iZombie, and.. I don’t know really, I’m watching more films at the moment. Horror movies interest me the most currently.
My favorite subjects are biology and philosophy, I have a project book where I write about everything I want to, I write poems (my muse is a girl in my English class who is always eating during the lessons), I’m not doing sports but like to discuss a lot, I’m not a picky eater at all, and I’m drawing and crafting very much but wouldn’t considering me an artist, I don’t like deciding, red hair is my guild pleasure, I love sweets and probably eat to much of them, I’m not afraid of spiders and fascinating by nature (even though I killed a cactus by accident once), I’m vegetarian but wound try to dissect an animal because I’m very curious of everything, I’m having a lot of crushes, I would like to travel but I’m very lazy. How I would describe myself in one word? Wibbly-wobbly. There is way much more about me and I probably forgot the important stuff.

Preferences: I’d like to talk to who people 15-18 years old, one year under or above does not matter that much.
I would like to have snail mail only, since I’m trying to cut down my internet use. But i would like to exchange some messages first before coming to snail mail. I’d prefer if you live in the EU (or near Germany). If you don’t like decorating fancy letters or don’t have any money for small gifts, I don’t mind at all, the content and making the other one happy matters!

Guys, keep your fingers crossed...

after several years of delay and blockade tactics from the two major Christian parties, the German government might finally, hopefully, establish full equality by making marriage legal for gay and lesbian couples. Until now, lesbian and gay couples could enter a civil partnership, with some subtle differences that had same-sex couples at a disadvantage.

To avoid making this an issue during the upcoming elections, our chancellor has now allowed for a free vote in parliament, and it’s highly likely that a majority will vote for full equality. 

It’s pretty much a scandal that this didn’t happen earlier. That said, yes, please, let’s hope this finally happens.