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Wish I would have paid closer attention to your bio before I followed for Cuphead, now I have literal underaged pedophilic incest on my dash. Fiction effects reality. Do not normalize pedophilia or incest. You are only hurting children by doing so. You are only part of the problem we face as fandoms grow more and more tolerant of pedophilia and incest. Look at yourself. Think about what you're doing. What effects and consequences does making pedophilic content have? Im not even angry. Just sad.

Alright! Let’s unpack this!

Wish I would have paid closer attention to your bio before I followed for Cuphead, 

Well it’s not my fault you didn’t read my bio– but also, not sure how long you have been following me since I actually don’t recall you following me, but I’ve been posting some type of Cupcest content nearly everyday now, either of my own or of others. 

You should have figured this out as you were looking through my blog before you decided to follow me, so, either you’re lying, or you’re lying.

now I have literal underaged pedophilic incest on my dash. 

Thank you for not going on Anon then! 

I will be reporting you to the FBI for being compliant in the exploitation of REAL children in porngraphy and abuse.

I mean, you are talking about literalreal children, am I correct? Because if I am correct I will be reporting you– because I am certainly not the one posting child pornographyy onto your dash, so obviously you must be following specific type of blogs[which should be REPORTED IMMEDIATELY TO TUMBLR AND THE FBI], or, like some antis have done in shipper tags, spamming CP.

Either way, I’ll report you and see if the FBI can find anything and if not, then you’re a liar.

If I’m not correct and you are simply talking about the Cupcest nsfw work I reblog, then you are misusing and bastardizing the terms that are incredibly serious, like child exploitation/child pornography.

You should be ashamed of yourself for comparing the traumatization and basic reason for why many CSA survivors commit suicide– to a fucking drawing of cartoon cups.

I am not a pedophile if that is what you’re implying, nor is anyone who enjoys Cupcest– the boys do not have set ages and many of us Age them Up.

Also, by U.S law I am protected for you see, I have done nothing wrong, nor has any cupcest shipper:

According to the 18 U.S. Code § 2256 (yes, the same code that antis have been using a screencap of, but omitting the last part of in order to conceal the truth):
“The term “indistinguishable” used with respect to a depiction, means virtually indistinguishable, in that the depiction is such that an ordinary person viewing the depiction would conclude that the depiction is of an actual minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct. 

This definition does not apply to depictions that are drawings, cartoons, sculptures, or paintings depicting minors or adults.”

Also note the phrase “recognizable as an actual person” in 9ii.

  • [[I’m sorry but when have Cuphead or Mugman ever looked like real life children? To the point we couldn’t tell them apart from a child IRL? They are cartoons, not living, breathing human beings. Stop treating them in that way.]]

This is also further upheld by the Supreme Court ruling of Ashcroft vs Free Speech Coalition, and again in Ashcroft vs American Civil Liberties Union (the PROTECT Act has also had related portions–specifically 1466A, which antis love to parade around–judged as unconstitutional on a federal level, as was a result of United States v. Handley, in which the defendant was convicted due to a guilty plea bargain, and not actually convicted on the initial charges of obscenity.  The plea bargain was made under the belief that the jury chosen to judge him would not acquit him of the obscenity charges if they were shown the images in question).  Handley’s case is the only one so far that dealt solely with drawings of characters that did not exist in real life (as in, without further discovery of more serious content in the defendant’s possession–or ties to illegal sites–which is what occurred with other cases that antis tend to cite).

  • [[So no, this is not child porngraophy, and if Tumblr allowed any form of REAL child pornography, then this website would have been shut down– this isn’t the dark web sweetheart, the FBI does not care about fictional characters.]]

Fiction affects reality. Do not normalize pedophilia or incest. You are only hurting children by doing so. You are only part of the problem we face as fandoms grow more and more tolerant of pedophilia and incest. Look at yourself. Think about what you’re doing. What effects and consequences does making pedophilic content have? I’m not even angry. Just sad.

Ways fiction affects reality:

  • Makes us human beings more sympathetic, understanding, empathetic– especially of those around us and their experiences and trauma.
  • Makes us much more open, creative.

…that’s it. That’s literally it. It could be the raunchiest of fiction and it even benefits society– all pros that fiction give us outweigh any possibly cons.

If fiction affected reality in the way you argue it does, then all fiction we consume would be heavily censored and banned– so say goodbye to anything the moralistic far right conservatives, the radical zealots, and 80s-90s soccer mothers find immoral, a danger to society, a danger to children; meaning? Any content that shows gay people as normal human beings we should treat as such. 

All of your favorite action movies, horror movies– all gone for “supporting and encouraging violence, murder, torture, stealing, drug use, sex before marriage, etc...”

Those are the people you’re supporting– all studies and articles go against what you and those people say.

You are placing a scapegoat for the actions of child molestors, abusers, and any terrible person– you are excusing what a bad person what already have done, regardless of fictionon fiction

people who imitated something–people that were already fucked up to begin with, and would have likely imitated any act of violence from anysource.

Here’s the problem with your statement: Being inspired by something does not equate to causing something. You’re using the “Slippery Slope” logical fallacy(which, ironically, is a favorite amongst overzealous fundamentalist conservatives).  By your logic, you’re placing the blame for an incident of a child jumping off the roof in the 90′s on Wile E. Coyote, and not on the child being improperly educated about neighborhood dangers, and being without parental supervision.

Some articles and studies to clear you from your ignorance, intolerance, and moral superiority towards fiction, which you aren’t obligated to like or dislike:

more and more studies thoroughly debunked the notion that violent games cause violent behavior==>

Acts of violence are not a product of our culture - they are a by-product of a lack of function in the brain, particularly the pre-frontal cortex.  No video game is going to disable the functioning of this region.  This area of the brain is responsible for controlling our impulses

For most human beings, this keeps us from acting out against what we’ve learned to be the appropriate behavior in our society.  Time and again, science has shown us that the brains of violent criminals are not the same as those of the average person.  Parental influence (or lack thereof) has been linked to such lack of function in the brain.  It should be noted, though, that there are people with similar dysfunction in the pre-frontal cortex that never lash out in violence throughout their entire lives.  While their brain scans may be similar to those of a violent criminal, they tend to have lived in stable households, or have benefited from support that those who grew up to commit acts of violence were sorely lacking.  

Those are the people that–time and again–were found to have a history of parental abuse or neglect.  They come from broken homes, which end up producing broken minds.  When nature and nurture have come together to create a psychopath, they have molded an individual that is disconnected from reality in a very dangerous way.  They lack empathy.  

The majority of the time, they likely have a decent grasp of what morality is:  They simply lack the inhibition to not act out against what they know to be morally wrong, and have been warped by past abuse in a way that causes psychosis or delusion.  What they are not, however, is a product of mass media. 

Violence in a fictional setting is akin to a roller coaster ride minus the nausea.  It’s an exploration into something outside the realm of our daily lives, but in a manner that does not actually harm us==>

For your homework==>

@tenaflyviper thank you for the article links dearie!

In short: If it’s real child pornography, it’s not fictional


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Did you perhaps know a toon named Queen Petunia Wildfoot? She was one of my old toontown friends and sometimes she'd mention someone named Fruithead(?) and then explain it was a friend of here's 'obsessed' with swallowtails.

Ooo yes! We spoke a lot when TTO was still around. Unless she’s got another friend with a fruit head, I think she’s referring to my toon Cinnamon Swallowtail. :P

She messaged me on a Toontown forum yesterday. I’m glad to be reunited with an old friend. :D