wiiiiiiiiii Now I can sleep in pace… srsly, I was so worried about that drawing since he never replied to me when I asked if he got it [He’s so busy I don’t blame him xD].

I LOVED that drawing, even though it has really notorious mistakes, it was one of those drawings that just… you feel you need to draw something and you don’t stop until is finished. You work hard and that’s why it almost doesn’t matter how “good” it came,  you just LOVE IT because of the effort you put into it.

This drawing took about 5 hours straight to be done, well, a littlebit more because I retouched it the next day. Aaaaaaaaaanyway, I’m SO GLAD HE GOT IT!!!

20120502-La Liga-RMA vs. Athletic Bilbao

Mesut FB

Es ist das entscheidende Spiel das wir gewinnen wollen..Die Meisterschaft ist sehr nah und dafür werden wir alles tun..

Its the match that decides and we want to win it.. The championship is very near and we are going to do everything achieve it..

Es el partido determinante que queremos ganar.. 
el campeonato esta muy cerca y haremos todo lo posible..

Bu aksam en önemli maclardan birine cikiyoruz ve bu maci kazanip sampiyonlugu kazanmak istiyoruz.. desteklerinizle..



(By Felix Ordonez-Reuters)



Happy for you~