MARCH 2012: Part 4 - March 25-31

Dallas. Mall of America. Toronto. Montreal. Los Angeles.

The last week in March 2012 was perhaps the busiest. Theywere in 5 cities and 2 different countries in just 4 days.

As the album took off and their fame grew, so, too, didchatter surrounding the nature of Harry & Louis’ relationship.

In the middle of all this, Eleanor made a very unplannedtrip back to the States after a botched Dallas denial, the Elounor narrativewas ramped up considerably and the first articles were written openly mockingthose who believed Harry & Louis were more than friends.  

Harry & Louis were wild in Dallas. There is no doubt. But Mall of America, Toronto and Montreal all had their own wildly unbelievable moments, as well.

It was the first of many weeks like this one over the next 18 months.

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: I grew up with 2003 turtles and it’s my favorite version. And I heard you grew up with it and it’s you’re favorite tmnt show too. So here’s art by


of the 2012 title sequence staring the 2003 turtles!

I saw this the other day. This is really cool, 2003 was my favorite too! Awesome job, azraelskeith! Now if only we could get a 2003 cameo in the 2012 series!

#1: Some father and son time : P

#2: Little Raph offers his new found treasure, or pet maybe, to Mikey

#3: Donnie thought he would get some work done, but he thought wrong

#4: Little Raph is tucking ice cream kitty in