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He love, hope your day is going well today! I have a little imagine or headcannon idea! How do the boys (or more specifically Raph and Donnie) react when they're cuddling or waking up next to their new s/o and discover their s/o's tattoo, which is normally out of sight.


~shocked at first because he never thought that his s/o would have a tattoo

~Depending on the tattoo he would actually really like it

~Thinks that hit makes his s/o look 100 times more hotter

~would probably go get a matching tattoo with you later

~Would ask when you got it and why 

~Raph would probably like tattoos that have a deeper meaning to them or symbolic to something important or memorable 

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~like rap he would be very shocked at first

~isn’t really to fond of tattoos himself but that depends on the tattoo honestly

~he’s find it very badass of you to get one

~wouldn’t be too bugged about it though he really wants to get one now

~like raph he would probably get matching tattoos with you

~prefers small and simple tattoos rather than the big or sleeve ones

~he would be very interested about it and start throwing questions at you

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