Shige calls Tegoshi
ƒWKTK Radio‚¨
Shige calls Tegoshi

This one time on WKTK Radio Shige had to call someone and express his gratitude. He chose to call Tegoshi and it was so adorable I keep listening to it over and over and flailing. You should too.

T: Hello?
S: Hello!
T: Hello?
S: Tegoshi?
T: Yes. What’s up? ♥
S: It’s Kato Shigeaki.
T: I see, the number is different!
S: That’s right, it’s different. I’m doing on the radio right now.
T: What? Now? It’s being broadcasted?
S: It is. (laugh)
T: Seriously?!
S: Here next to me is Gori-san. 
G: Nice to meet you. I’m Gori.
T: Nice to met you. I’m Tegoshi.
G: What are you doing now?
T: I came to watch the futsal practice of my team!
G: You didn’t come to play but to watch?
T: I damaged my ligament so I can’t play now!

Gori then says he also likes soccer and asks Tegoshi to take him into him team to which he agrees, then Shige gets impatient.

S: It’s my talk, do you mind? (laugh) ♥
G: Shige has something to say to you!
T: Shige?! ♥
S: It’s not like that. I’m supposed to call a friend and express my gratitude.
T: I see, I see!
S: So thinking about gratitude I thought about Tegoshi.
T: Really? Why?
S: Lately we are doing our best as NEWS, from time to time you send us some passionate messages… your comments too, like “I want to work with NEWS!”…well, all of us think so but… for leading us forward with your words… I want to say “thank you”.
T: Really? *laughs* I am embarrassed. It’s better if we end it here.
S: I’m embarrassed too!
T: Ahahahah!
G: Tegoshi-kun, right now I can see Shige’s face… he’s all red!! He’s as red as a tomato! ♥
T: (laugh) Really?
S: That was very embarrassing!
T: It was embarrassing for me too!
G: By the way, what kind of passionate message do you send?
T: Me? Well, we have many fans waiting for us all over the country, besides I really hate to lose so of course I don’t want to lose to any other Johnny’s group and I say things like “from now on let’s do our best as NEWS!”
S: Right, we all think so of course. But we’re too shy so we never really say it out loud. But Tegoshi can be so earnest, he doesn’t get embarrassed.
G: You’re really passionate Tegoshi!
T: No, no… I mean… what is this? (laugh) ♥
S: Thank you, Tegoshi.
T: No, no, no need to!
S: It’s embarrassing.
T: It is! It will be hard to face each other next time!
S: It will be! (laugh)
G: What a nice relationship! I’m a bit jealous!
T: So, uh, let’s do our best.
S: I hope your ligament heals fast.
T: It will, it will!
S: Thank you! See you!
T: Do your best with the show!
S: Thank you! Next time come to the show!
T: Ok, call me! ♥
S: Yes, thanks, bye bye!
T: Yes, thank you! Bye!

Ugh, so cute. Tegoshi sounds so damn cute on the phone. I marked the places where I flail especially hard.