Taktsang Lhamo, Tibet, China


‘Afternoon Talk With Stevie Nicks’ at the 20th Hamptons International Film Festival, October 7, 2012.

“If we don’t do well in Fleetwood Mac, then we’ll quit but at least we can save a little money and at least we can fix reverse in our car, you know, ‘cause we can’t go anywhere without reverse. We always had to find a parking place where we could go out front ways or we were stuck there all night.“


I was just recently thinking about this again so I wanted to make a post. 

So in this video ( starting around 2:50 ) Charles is talking about a story where Travis needed to go to the bathroom and he kind of pooped in a bag and he was to lazy to throw it in a dumpster or whatever. I was at that Warped Tour and by the time I met Charles,Travis was running towards Charles to tell him of his poopventures and Charles had to leave quickly. Of course I didn’t know this and I was like WTF Travis until I saw this video and realized OH MY GOD TRAVIS WAS THROWING SHIT AROUND AND NEEDED TO TELL CHARLES. And this past summer We the Kings came back to Pa and I met Charles again and asked him if this happened when I met him. Charles confirmed it. Basically I found this hilarious and I only wanted to post this so I don’t forget it again.

DIMANCHE C’EST LA SAINT NICOLAS (pour une partie des français tout du moins….)

Vous savez ce que ça signifie…



DES MANNELE (si toi aussi tes ancêtres sont alsaciens tape dans tes mains)


ENCORE PLUS DE PAIN D’EPICES (les fortwenger je vais galérer à en trouver en Bretagne tiens)