2012 Vonzipper Fishbowl Goggles

The Vonzipper Fishbowl Goggles are just what you need for the snow; these high-end snow goggles offer ergonomic frame design, a super sized dual spherical polycarbonate lens, anti-fog coating to the spherical lens for a clear, fog-free line of sight. Their design boasts a large frame suiting riders looking for a goggle to maximize their field of view. The goggles have a comfortable, snug fit, they also have a perfect helmet fit as they are helmet compatible, are anti-fog and have a hard coated lens, and give you 100% UV protection.  The Vonzipper Fishbowl Goggles are available in four distinct colorways, and can be purchased via amazon for USD $150.

source:  Bless This Stuff, Amazon

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