“I think you can tell who’s a good person to be around, who makes you laugh, who’s fun, whom you can trust. And, yes, you’re going to get burned a few times, but I’d really rather get burned a few times than sit alone in that house with the curtains drawn. So God forbid this person you’re hanging out with gets a bit of validation out of the fact you’re famous. Is that the worst-case scenario? You know, it doesn’t seem that bad.”

I have a confession….

My computer is still broken and I don’t really have the money to fix it right now, but I start my new job tomorrow. Anyway, I’m still drawing and have comic pages coming but also….

I might have accidentally watched the entire first season of Miraculous Ladybug and I might have also accidentally fallen in love. 

And I might also accidentally be writing fan fiction for it along side everything else I’m working on.

Just throw me in the trash.