2012 was bullshit

  • I just watched NU'EST (Pledis trainees) first performance on Produce 101. It hurts so much to see them like this.
  • It hurts seeing Kahi crying because she feels so sorry for them. It hurts to see them cry. It hurts to hear them say "It feels like we kind of failed, well the company (Pledis) sees it that way" and the most hurtful part when Baekho said "I want to be like them, like I.O.I and... like SEVENTEEN". WHAT ARE THEY DOING ON PRODUCE 101, THEY'VE BEEN IDOLS SINCE 2012. WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THIS PLEDIS?!?!?!

i did 3k+ words today, thats pretty good for having been blocked for 6 weeks and gritting through anOTHER fcking back flare up. 

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so, when you start seeing kd as a real couple? It was something specific or...?

I’ve actually thought quite a lot about this. anon, and Ive narrowed it done to 3 series of events. And I should start off by saying that my fetus exol self did not ship kaisoo in the beginning - I was more into se-kai. I remember, when I looked up a graph of all the exo ships (for knowledge), being so shocked and confused as to why there was line connecting jongin to kyungsoo. Because as far I’d known, those two didn’t seem like they’d go together at all. They were complete opposites! So, I left my se-kai life and went to investigate this interesting and strange pairing.

I was a very casual about shipping the two, and didn’t think that much of their interactions. I was very much aware of the cultural differences and the hyped up fanservice groups put on for audiences, so I told myself that it wasn’t that deep. However, I did find it interesting how their “fanservices” were never quite put out there for the audiences to actually see. (And realized that the “behind the scenes pairing” title name was actually, quite… accurate lol)

ok ok I’ll stop rambling now and get on with it. In chronological order these were the things that really stood out to me and had me convinced.

(Long post.)

1. “The Inner Workings Of SM” insider post from 2012

This entire post goes over a lot of topics, but the general overview is SM manipulating media and setting up exo/girl pairings for planned scandals and hype in the future.

Such as:

  • baekhyun + SNSD’s taeyeon
  • kris + SNSD’s yuri
  • luhan + SNSD’S seohyun
  • sehun + f(x)’s krystal (which obviously fell through)
  • jongin + f(x)’s krystal (which came into play)

If I remember correctly, this post was shared in 2014, after Dispatch “leaked” baek-yeon’s “date,” and SM confirmed their “relationship.” But the original post was written all the way back in 2012, so I was fucking wOKE. And, ofc, I was more concerned and with baekhyun and taeyeon’s thing because that was one of main points of the post being shared at the time - so I completely looked over the kxk. But one line really stuck out to me.

“Kai is possibly paired with Krystal, this is being discussed. But due to unknown reasons, Kai doesn’t like couple pairings. Doesn’t like dating.

I remember reading this and just taking a moment, like “huh.” I had a sense of relief(?). I don’t know how to explain it, but it hit me as kind of… reassuring? Like he’s not just going along with everything sm wants; he must be showing some level of resistance to media play - since him not liking the setups must’ve been causing some sort of an issue. It just made me feel a little better ok idk what I’m getting at nvm

I will admit, Kyungsoo came to mind. I read this line and I thought of Kyungsoo being one of those unknown reasons, and I entertained the idea for an hour or two before coming back to Earth and convincing myself that the possibility was just silly talk.

I remember finding this post very confusing, and I was very, very shocked and put-off. lmao not to be dramatic, but it literally felt like everything I’d ever known of exo and all that I had come to like and admire about them had all been fake and a lie. I was upset for a long time, too. (I’ve since gotten over it, but it really taught me not to trust everything sm puts out there. And that Dispatch is easily manipulated, and not a reliable source.)

2. 150531 + k-fan’s analysis + xiuchen’s “jagi” cover-up

The almighty “jagi” moment. It was one thing when I-fans where speculating about this moment back when occurred. We all like to think of the possibilities, but it was the language and culture barrier that had me mostly dismissing this moment at first. But it is an entirely different thing to see a k-fan basically confirm what we i-fans had been trying to figure out. I could really go on and on about this moment, but I’d just be saying all that’s been said in the post I’ve linked above; I’ve talked about several times in the past. So go read the linked post or go through my #jagi moment tag on @kaisoowls and you’ll have all you need to know. You’ll understand why I was and still am shook as fuck about it.

The entire day of 150531, still really sticks out to me - jagi moment, aside. Because their interactions were different that day; more… vivid, for a lack of a better term lol Kyungsoo’s eyes and his smiles looked very soft and warm when he looked at Jongin. His expressions held a lot of affection.

As a nice cherry on top, the OP of the “jagi analysis” even said that jagi is a confirmed thing amoung kfans, so literally… There’s not much else to say about that.

That being said, it’s very understandable why sm would’ve wanted to extinguish this, because rumors of homosexuality within a company can be quite devastating to their business (due to prejudice), so I’m not really surprised that sm would want to try and cover it up and pretend like it’s not anything meaningful or worthwhile. Which leads us onto the Monster showcase, and the birth of xiuchen’s “jagi” moment. (To be clear, I don’t hold anything against xiuchen at all, I’m very aware it was most probably all sm’s doings.)

My friend @dorkdo did an analysis on this a while back, so for a more in depth look into that moment, go read her post here. (would u look at that harman tysm for helping me in my woke journey i owe u)

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3. Rumors of a gay couple + KxK confirmation

I’m sure you all remember the madness that ensued after that news company (I’m sorry that name is escaping me atm) threatened to publicly announce and out the gay couple that they had discovered. They literally stated that they were ready for the repercussions and lawsuits - they weren’t fucking around with this shit. All of speculation flooded around everywhere, everyone guessing and trying to figure out how the couple was - and of course, one of the main candidates was kadi.

I wasn’t happy at all about this. I wasn’t excited or looking forward to it as I saw many other kaisoo shippers posting about. I was fucking terrified of that slim possibility of it being kadi, because - realistically - I doubt it would’ve ended well for anyone involved. With the heavy prejudice and discrimination against homosexuality still going on, it would’ve possibly been very damaging for exo, and most importantly, jongin and kyungsoo. I’m sure they would get support, of course the would, but the number of people going against them would be far greater, possibly.

And then, behold. kxk is suddenly “outed” by Dispatch, and sm confirmed their relationship within hours of the scandal’s release. To say I was a little skeptical is kind of an understatement. I really did not believe this news at all when it was released. Especially not after the INNER WORKINGS OF SM post reemerged. Which quite literally stated that sm has had kxk setup for release since 2012. I called bullshit within the first 48hrs. And the circumstances at the time really set it in stone for me; I decided that I would support kadi. I would be logical and realistic about everything further that would ensue - but I would support kadi.

So there you go anon, I’m sorry this post is a million miles long lol

[time travels to 2011 and kicks preteen me in the shins]


the ‘everyone was nicer on here back in 2012’ is such bullshit like… yeah sure there wasnt as much painfully stupid discourse, but like. people could get away with pretty much any horrible shit they wanted completely unchallenged lol… it wasnt better at all just completely different issues

My theory on 18

So lately I have seen a few blogs on here talking about how 18 CAN’T be about Larry. Well I have a theory to prove that it COULD be about them and this is my analysis of the song. 

Firstly the line ‘I have loved you since we were 18′, people say immediately makes it not about Larry as they were never 18 at the same time, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be referring to when they both were actually 18. 

For instance when Louis was 18, Harry was 16. This was when they met aka when their relationship started on X factor. They were both free to express their feelings to one another and only had to restrain themselves to a minimum.  

When Harry was 18, Louis was 20. This would mean their relationship has lasted for 2 years (2010, 2011, 2012, and we all know what happened in 2012 with the whole ‘Bullshit’ tweet) before by their 3rd year as a band (2013) their relationship was slowly changing and they began to be separated more by the management. 

I wanna love like you made me feel, when we were 18′ - Basically they want to love again like they did in 2010-2012, from when Louis was 18 to when Harry was 18; 2 years. (Before shit changed)

Other lyrics, such as ‘a long way from the playground’ could be referring to the fact that they had grown up and that their love isn’t like some childish playground crush; and that people need to believe that their love is real and isn’t just a teenage phase. 

Long before we both thought the same thing’ - One of them probably took longer to admit their feelings, (Louis had a girlfriend during the first few months of X factor) so Harry could of been in love with Louis, but Louis took longer to realize he felt the same way back. 

We made a start, be it a false one I know’ - This could be talking about how people started to ship them and Larry Stylinson in some ways became publicity for One Direction. They made a start to be together, but they had to live a false life for it to actually begin (they have to pretend like they don’t have any feelings towards each other besides friendship, except its blatantly obvious that they are in love, so that failed). Larry Stylinson was being (and still is) referred to as a false ship (that it isn’t real). 

To be loved and to be in love’ -  To be still loved by the fans and everyone else (because their relationship to some people may be classed as wrong, I know many people who are homophobic) and to be in love with each other as well. So they are being excepted and being loved by society, and therefore they get to be in love with each other as well. 

We took a chance’ - They did take a chance (it may not have worked out). 

Yet all along, I knew we’d be fine’ - People were probably telling them that it might not work out and no matter how much they tried - ’God knows we tried’ - it would probably get dismissed fairly quickly. But they knew ‘we’d be fine’ because in most ways, many people except them but the management are the ones holding them back. They got through it together.  

And all I can do is say that these arms are made for holding you- This pretty much speaks for itself, I mean their arms are meant for each other. 

Let’s split the night wide open’ -  Because everything they do together literally causes chaos, basically splitting the night apart (Many people are losing sleep over them). 

We’ll see everything we can, living love in slow motion’ - However everything they do ‘splits the night wide open’, they get to spend time together, loving each other and therefore pretty much ‘living love’ in slow motion as even though they are still having to hide it, that one small opportunity (moment) caused them to experience a small amount of love again for each other.   

I have probably over analysed everything here but these theories all came to me and just wanted to share them. I mean Ed Sheeran wrote this song and everyone knows how much meaning there is behind his lyrics. Also he did confirm that the song was about One Direction and preferably about two people within it, not referring to whether it was between two members of the band or one member and their girlfriend. And since Harry and Ed are so close, Harry could have influenced some of the lyrics and maybe even wrote a few of them. 

Anyways this is only my own opinion and I know people have other theories but I just really wanted to share mine and see what you all think about it. And lets face it, Larry is real

If I met Dan and Phil

If I met Dan and Phil, I’d have a few things to say.

I know I’d ask for a vid or a pic for my best friend right of the bat but more importantly…

I’d apologize. 

I’d apologize for the haters of course,

but mostly for the phandom.

I’d apologize for the many times we’ve invaded their privacy, the many times we filmed or took pictures of them when they asked us not to.

I’d apologize for the 2012 bullshit even though I wasn’t here, but it seems that not a lot of people know how to say sorry.

I’d apologize for the hate their friends get if they get too close to them and give them sweet names (Hazel for example) just because “PhAn Is ReAl!1! DoN’t RuIn My ShIp” and people think that we can direct their lives.

I’d apologize for people assuming your sexuality or your relationship status, whether it’s about phan or any other thing (like the Imaginary wife and kids that Phil has apparently).

I’d apologize for the disrespectful comments Dan got from his own “fans” because his Internet Support Group video “wasn’t the one we wanted/were said to be getting” even though Dan clearly said he wasn’t going to post it.

I’d apologize for people comparing you two, saying one is better than the other or on the contrary not letting you being individuals.

I’d apologize for the NSFW fanarts/fanfics SENT to them because we think it’s okay to spam people with dirty fanarts/fics and that it’ll get them together.

I’d apologize for not letting you rebrand how you want, ever.

I’d apologize for all the gifs or all the theories that come out of every.single.time. they LOOK -just look- at each other.

I’d apologize for how loud we yell and how squeamish we get each time you breathe on stage or try to talk on stage.

I’d apologize for how disturbing (for example with the hat fic) or how stalkerish we can be (people trying to find their address).

I’d sorry for us being hypocrites (people saying “I’d never do this” to do it afterward or “accidentally” watching a certain video).

But I’d mostly apologize on the behalf of the phandom for not treating them like actual living beings that can take decisions on their own and don’t need to obey us because we’re subs.

I’d apologize for not saying sorry sooner.

That’s what I’d want to say to them if I ever met them IRL.


“2012 Alamo bullshit”

Video: 13 hours (2016)
Music: Life’s a Bitch - Nas

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I think everyone was a larrie whether they thought it's real or fictional pre 2012 / first bullshit tweet then here we are

tru lmao

I know I’m sounding like a broken record but listen. I don’t care about all that “2012 vs. 2017″ bullshit - Tumblr has always been a mean ass website full of mean ass people. Yes there’s a lot of good eggs, not everybody is awful, but most of what i see is people who are otherwise good interacting on a social platform that, like every other social platform, allows them to be downright nasty towards one another behind a screen.

the only thing that differentiates this from other platforms (that i’ve seen, i could be wrong) is that people on here criticize everyone from celebrities down to other users for the crime of not being perfect. Obviously there’s exceptions: nazi blogs, pedos, homophobes and so on definitely deserve to be called out. That’s not what I’m talking about. What I’m talking about are the people who, surprise surprise, aren’t perfectly educated on every Social Justice Issue™ and say something wrong, only to get 12482 teenagers and young adults telling them to die instead of politely correcting them. What I’m talking about are people who vaguely say we should be nicer to one another and are immediately labeled (insert faction) apologists.

i’m not perfect at all. none of us think we’re perfect. except, you know, when we apparently think it’s okay to run a person off this site because they aren’t Tumblr Woke™ and don’t comply to every single bullshit rule y’all make up on here only to change them in five seconds.

jfc. go outside already.

Romeo & Juliet

This exchange is from Australia on 16 April 2012. 

The interviewer made a very sexist comment about how the girls wouldn’t be reading as much if it wasn’t for One Direction magazines and such, and Zayn mentioned he saw some people on Twitter say they had some exam questions that featured One Direction in the answers. 

And then Harry, in his own endearing way, breaks my heart by suggesting the following.

Harry: We should do, like, Romeo and Juliet as depicted by One Direction.

Harry: [turns to look at Louis and says much more quietly] And we would play the parts.

“And we would play the parts” in this iconic play about star-crossed lovers who were forced to make brutal decisions in the face of illogical separation. 

This was 72 hours before the Emma Ostilly “kiss.”


guys, i believe most of us know what’s going on with the whole instagram mess. if you don’t, the account @danyulwaddup decided to stalk adrian and ship him with dan. he was completely freaked out and actually dmed the person to stop. she refused and continued to post pictures, suggestive captions, and went so far as to post smut about the brothers.

now, im not the kind of person to get pissed about talking about a youtuber’s family or relations. as long as no one gets hurt then what’s the harm. but this? this is fucking disgusting. they have lives and its not our place as fans to ignore their requests. this is public humiliation and harassment and i cant stand by and watch as this spreads.

i know the majority of you understand how wrong this is, but i believe its for the wrong reasons. you’re trying to stop this account so dan wont get mad. everything that ive read claimed that they wanted to “prevent another year like 2012.” i call bullshit on all of that. you shouldnt be doing this for dan. the issue is that everyone see’s him as Dan’s Brother and nothing more. we need to see him as Adrian Howell. a person. someone who is independent of dan. he’s not a toy for the phandom and he is most definately not to be used for our amusement or to fuel whatever fucked up kinks we have.

block and report @danyulwaddup on instagram. stop this bully. what she has done is sickening and we need to put an end to it; not to avoid dan’s anger, but to stand up for adrian, someone we value so much.

tl;dr: stop being a dick to adrian and leave him the fuck alone. also, block @danyulwaddup

Edited Version of The Importance of September

I wanted to do an edited version of this post because everyone keeps reblogging the other one and I don’t like some of the things that I included so here a few things that I find interesting about September in relation to Larry Stylinson with a focus on the 28th of September. 

Originally I had included Ed Sheeran’s tweet in this post, since digging a little deeper into the Larry timeline I don’t think that this tweet actually has anything to do with Larry. For what I’ve found Ed was actually singing at his close friend Jake Gosling’s wedding that weekend so therefore no relation to Larry Stylinson.

I had also included tweets from Anne which I’m not going to include this time because to be completely honest I don’t trust any of the accounts that she has had as being actually her’s. I don’t recall any interaction with the boy’s accounts so therefore I’m going to tred lightly and not include them.

As for Ashton from 5sos’s tweet that night it goes hand in hand with the fact that they were actually playing a show that night in Charlotte, NC. So therefore his tweet is about their show. 

Below however, are interesting things that have something to do with september or the 28th specifically.

The live shows for the series 7 Xfactor began the first week of October, one could assume that the contestants moved into the XFactor house the week before. Which would have been around the time that there first video diary was filmed: as you can see Louis loves Harry’s curls. 

The final week of September in 2011, the boys were in Lake Placid, NY to film “Gotta Be You” video. 

Now September 28th, 2012 is shortly after the bullshit tweet. I can’t find anything specifically from that day but the infamous Germany interview was close to it. 

September 2013 was by far more interesting than other septembers in the past. First we have a little annoyed El: 

Then we have Harry killing us all with this tweet: 

Then Louis: 

I’m not going to pretend to know what any of those tweets actually mean, but Harry’s is by far the most interesting. :) 

Then of course we have September 2014, which I like to refer to as the month that Harry and Louis were ‘sick’ an awful lot. 

September 22nd -Harry and Niall in Austin.

September 23rd - Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

September 25th - Photoshoot, then show in New Orleans, Louisiana. Harry and Louis are sick. Gemma returns to London.

September 27th - Show in Charlotte, North Carolina. Harry and Louis are sick. ‘Steal My Girl’ leaks.

September 28th - Show in Charlotte. Louis and Harry are still sick.

September 30th - Boys in LA filming music video for ‘Steal My Girl’.

Here’s a few cute photo’s from the Charlotte, NC shows. 

Now I’m also quite a fan of Harry’s rings so I of course noticed that it was around this time that Harry started wearing his  turquoise ring, the one he plays with whenever marriage is brought up in an interview. 

Along with these things of course we have the fact that Louis often wears the number 28. 

^^ I like the fact that he has two different versions of them. 

^^hehe even as recently as a few weeks ago :) 

And most recently we have Harry’s first color picture in around 8 months that oddly enough included the numbers 9/28. Think of that whatever you like but I do believe it was intentional.

This is the updated one curls-andfringe