2012 us classic

ROAD TO LONDON: 2012 U.S. Classic

Since I didn’t get to live blog during the meet, why not write one big post?

Nastia Liukin
She’s never been a favorite gymnast of mine, but I’m not a Shawn Johnson fan who irrationally hates Nastia for “stealing” the gold in Beijing. I simply just don’t like watching her gymnastics. That said, I do give her a lot of respect for attempting a comeback. A lot has been said about Nastia (by myself & others) but atleast she’s trying. I could’ve done without the pom pom on her head and the #hotpink leotard but her beam looked good! It’ll be interesting to see how she’s doing at Nationals but if her bars are on point then we might just see her in London representing the red, white, and pink.

Rebecca Bross
Becca. My sweet sweet Becca. She needs to sit Valeri down and tell him that the Patterson is not gonna happen. I don’t know what’s going on in that gym to suggest she’ll have it in time for the final decision but it’s another injury waiting to happen. Her coach better wise up and not fail her again because after the vault last year, I might just go ballistic if she gets injured again whiel doing a skill she’s obviously not ready for. On a positive note, Rebecca’s bars were great and I really enjoyed watching her. You all know she’s my #1 from the USA so I can’t even think about her not making the team.

Chellsie Memmel
Who would have thought that Chellsie fuckin’ Memmel would end her career with two falls on beam and a denied petition to Nationals? I was pretty pissed when I heard that she would not be moving on but I’ve cooled off a little bit to think more rationally, I guess. I understand that there were set rules but if Nastia(just an example, not blaiming her) had bombed today, Marta would not send her back to WOGA never to return. Atleast Chellsie showed up to the meet which is more than we can say about some.

Shawn Johnson
Her people said that she couldn’t attend Classics because she was “sick.” I’m sure her illness will be cured once it’s time for Nationals, especially if her book sales need a boost.

McKayla Maroney
With only 5 girls making the final team, should she get a sport just for her vault? Fuck yes. I understand that it’s rainin’ Amanars in the US but there is no one in the world who can score as high as Maroney. When she is staring down that horse, there are no doubts. With others girls you have to wonder if they’ll have decent form, land it on their feet, blow out their knees, or run off the mat. McKayla can consistently get us atleast a 16.000 and she has that Mustafina vault in her back pocket if for whatever reason she can’t do the Amanar. I really hope that she’ll show up at Nationals with a polished floor routine. It’s not like the USA is flowing with FX specialist and nobody wants to step up so if some of that power on vault can be used on floor then it’ll be tough to leave Maroney at home.

Aly Raisman
I mean what can I really say? She was Aly Raisman. Insane tumbling, decent Amanar, didn’t have a meltdown on beam, and even her hair was in check. At this point, I don’t see how she can’t make the team. Her routines aren’t the most beautiful of the bunch but atleast she can hit them and bring in the scores. Some think that there are other girls who could do the same job as Aly but unless she becomes a complete nutcase from now until London, I would put more trust in her over others.

The UB Situation
Dominique Moceanu tweeted(-_-) that since Romania was still able to beat Russia with their uneven bars performance, is it really an important need for Team USA? YES!! It’s not like the Russians are just OK on this event. I mean if there were no 2 per country rule, there’s a chance that Musty, Vika, and Nastia could sweep the finals. If Russia wisen up and realize that they almighty 2.5 is out of their reach and start focusing even more on bars then they advantage the US gets with vault is erased. So let’s call in Kelli Hill and get her to drag Courtney Kupets back to the gym.