2012 tigers

TMNT Flashback . . .

*after watching Alopex chop off Tiger Claw’s arm*

“Dudes, they’re getting’ away!”

“Let ‘em go.”

“Tiger Claw will never forget this lesson.”

“Yeah … ”

“And he’ll never be able to clap again.”

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lol I like how they did a little nod to Raphael and Alopex, since people ship them in the IDW version. But I suppose if she’s Tigerclaw’s sister in this version, she’s probably too old for him. XD

I also like that he still thinks about Mona, and he’s still loyal to her, even though he’s probably not sure he’ll see her again. 

It makes sense that Raph would remain loyal to Mona even in his thoughts and feelings. Raph is arguably the most loyal of the turtles. Even when he thought Leo would never wake up, he still took care of him almost 24/7. Since Raph and Mona never actually broke up, of course he would remain loyal to her and think about her frequently.

I wonder if Raph talks to Chompy a lot about Mona… awww. <3

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