2012 teenage mutant ninja turtles

Never, guys, never… ♥

Is hard to say goodbye to a show that made me meet so many people, all of they nice, funny and very friendly. Even, thank to the turtles I realized of what I want in my life, draw, draw for ever and ever. Because withou it I don’t know what I’d do. TvT I have a dream, and I want to make it come true. :D

Is not the end, my friends. Because everybody will still here. At least, I’m still here. XD

Turtle power!!

I’m not particularly proud of how I inked this, but I wanted to draw something in honor of TMNT 2012 and its series finale, so here it is.

Anyone remember SNL’s Five Timers Club? This is the Five Seasons Club, a club exclusively for Nicktoons with five or more seasons (which is no easy feat), and the Turtles are in it now!