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Mutant Apocalypse LEORAI!!! Coz every king deserves a queen~ 

Okay but first of, Karai isn’t with Maximus Leo. They found her after the whole Mutant Apocalypse episode. She is the leader of the Foot Clan, the most diversed mutant clan in the wasteland composing of different mutant species and a salamandrian. She also doesnt age, or ages very slow due to her constant shedding of skin. She only looks like in her 20s or 30s.

 More details later o3o


can u believe betsy wolfe invented the mirror selfie 

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Because a few days ago I hit 6k (THANK YOU!!!!!), I wanted to make a follow forever to thank you for blessing my dash every single day! 

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anonymous asked:

hey do u have any super old art??? like, small entoxia art?

UHHHH!! i dont have anything from like…baby me, but ive got my emo dogs from 2009-2010 lets take a look at That

above: this is molly. her defining characteristic is shes sad™. top is 2009 bottom 2010

above: uhhh i think her name was alex. her defining characteristic is shes angry. this era was 100% edgy wolves/dogs, i really didnt draw anthro at all  

WIP: I havent watched the Mutant Apocalypse yet but I saw spoilers… (I WAS CRYING OK, IT WAS JUST THE SPOILERS BUT I ALREADY CRIED WTF)

And there’s no Leorai… So here’s a Leorai.

BTW anybody noticed this Leo’s name? Maximus Kong? MK?

Not get it? *whispers* Miwa Karai…

(I still have to do my plates so I cant finish this lol huhuhu)