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The thinking process of a shipper

1. A shipper see two characters and think about their compatibility as a couple 

 2. The shipper realize that the two characters would be perfect for each other 

3. The shipper then starts to ship the two characters to their heart’s content as they spiral down a path of madness consisting of fanart and fanfiction dedicated to their ship

Fandoms Right Now (9/30/17)

Steven Universe

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Star vs the Forces of Evil

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Miraculous Ladybug

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TMNT 2012

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Every other fandom I can’t individually describe with a gif

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Ok, I randomly unfollowed a lot of blogs. Now I want to follow new blogs.

Star vs the forces of evil
Milo Murphy’s law
miraculous ladybug
Infinity train
Regular show
Steven universe
South Park
Invader zim
We bare bears
Adventure time
Rick and Morty
One punch man
Sgt frog\keroro gunso
Yandere simulator
My hero Academia
Osomatsu san
Mob pyscho 100
Magical girl raising project
Owari no seraph
Bungou stray dogs
Watashi ga motete Dousunda
Yuri on ice
Saga of Tanya the evil
Masamune kun no revenge
Miss Kobayashi’s dragon maid

calling all multifandom people,,,  where you at i need to follow you !!! my dash is ded and i love making new mutuals and having more content so yall know the drill reblog if you post…

  • chris evans/sebastian stan 
  • marvel (team cap, gotg, stucky, spidey crew)
  • star wars
  • brooklyn nine nine (& related shows - parks, the office, friends)
  • harry styles/louis tomlinson
  • dc (mainly dceu and the flash)

also looking for some sort of tagging system & bonus if you create original content

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Steven Universe

Star vs the forces of evil

Ok ko lets be heroes


Miraculous ladybug

Rick and morty

Osomatsu San

Hero Acedemia


Miss kobayashi’s dragon maid