2012 song video

“I can say “I’m happy” now,
Just having you, you by my side” - Anata ga Tonari ni iru Dake de

NEWS may not be the most popular group but they are the most special in my heart and many others as well. Their music, their energy, and passion has helped me in times of unhappiness. Just their presence and the fact that they chose to continue NEWS for 13 years now has really resonated with me. Please stay by our side forever.


Been meaning to ask, how do you feel about the creature design’s in Gotye’s music video for “Hearts a Mess”? I personally enjoy how diverse they are, but I’d be neat to hear your opinion.


I had a huge Gotye faze around 2012 and digged this song/video. The critters always made me think of a kid’s show you would find on PBS, but with less color and more Australian man face. I like em’ (especially the wrecking ball pal), but I could just be biased cause I do like this song quite a bit.

The majority of Gotye’s music videos are animated and very weird, and also worth checking out.