2012 rostelecom cup


I love how they add details when they feel something in particular.

- Scott compliments Tessa telling her that she takes his breath away when she looks like that

- Tessa shows her love too pointing at him and bringing her hand to her heart. She never did that other times.

- Scott winking at her in response.

Truly beautiful ❤
Johnny Weir, Rostelecom Cup 2012 (Short Program)

Remember when Johnny decided to rework Poker Face into a competitive program? Glorious times. 

Check out that heart on the palm of his hand!

Would I, personally, have chosen the tufts on the shoulders to create the idea of epaulettes without tassels? No, but that’s because I’m not a fashion genius. Those things are amazing. 

More faux corsets and angular curves that work incredibly well and pull the whole look together. 

And obviously Johnny did not wear this coat as part of his costume but seeing as this is arguably one of the most Johnny Weir photographs I have ever seen, I needed to include it. Thank you Tatiana Edrënkina, what a shot! 

Tessa and Scott Hugging... Pt. 2

Part 1 is here (in case you missed it and are thinking that I must be insane to have titled a post ‘Pt. 2′ ;-D): http://887thsymphony.tumblr.com/post/146133501003/tessa-and-scott-hugging-pt-1

More to come!!! Hey, It’s not my fault that they are such great huggers, there really is an enormous amount of material to draw from ;-P 

In no particular order:

Canadian Nationals 2009

Scott is Tessa’s number one fan, and never was it more apparent than at this particular moment, when she had just powered through the intricacies of the Pink Floyd program in spite of her recent surgery. “I’m so proud!”, he kept repeating. And she appreciated him. I may be alone in thinking this, but I believe that “resurrecting” these costumes years later for the first choreography they created all by themselves (’Into the Mystic’) was no coincidence, I think they reminded them of how many obstacles they had overcome together.

Skate Canada 2012

Not only is Scott Tessa’s number one fan, he is also aware of how hard she tends to be on herself, which is why he is extra supportive as soon as he gets a whiff of her starting to doubt herself. Tessa has grown more confident in the last few years, so I don’t know whether we’ll see this sort of moment again, but it just goes to show how caring and protective Scott is of her, always. The little kiss he planted on her neck is another matter entirely ;-P

Worlds 2013

I read a sweet and hilarious Lemony Snicket quote a few days ago: “It is always sad when someone leaves home, unless they are simply going around the corner and will return in a few minutes with ice-cream sandwiches.” To me, this moment was beautiful because of the parallel it enshrined: Tessa and Scott were on home ice (London, Ontario), but, to tell the truth, they could have been anywhere, because they are each other’s home. They didn’t win that year, but in the end all that mattered was that they still kept finding each other, no matter what, which was probably why they felt like they had to run back into each other’s arms after being separated for the end of their exhibition. There was no sadness in their brief separation because they knew they were about to make an ice-cream sandwich.

Skate Canada 2012 and Cup of Russia 2012

I put these two together because I think it’s just extraordinary how Tessa and Scott never hug the same way. Ever. She initiates the hug in the first one, he initiates it in the second one. They squeeze each other tightly in the first one, they gently lull each other in the second one. Same costumes, different emotions. Passion and tenderness. Tessa and Scott. Scott and Tessa.

“Kissy-spin” at 2012 Rostelecom Cup FD Practice [x]

Normal… :D

PS: you know.. with more ITM tv versions that will come (or better fan cams) and the next EX (and maybe competition programs too? :P) programs they’ll do, i think i’ll need to do a part 2 of my “Kiss Me” vid lol I missed some kisses in the first one -.-“


9ri/Pat’s List of Skaters to Watch in Sochi Olympics

Gracie Gold (Team USA)
She is the current US National Champion (2014), silver medalist at the 2013 US Nationals, 2-time US Figure Skating Classic silver medalist, silver medalist at the 2012 Rostelecom Cup, and bronze medalist at the 2013 Skate Canada.

SP: Piano Concerto (Grieg)
LP: Sleeping Beauty (Tchaikovsky)