2012 rnc

Why do I support Ron Paul?

         I don’t understand economics, I don’t even try to. I’m not an enlisted man fighting a war. I’m not poverty stricken. I haven’t worked as hard as alot of other people have. I’m not in financial debt up to my ears. I’m not paying for an education that will take me 30 years to pay off. So why do I car who represents my views? 

         I support Ron Paul simply because I wan’t the freedom to do what I want behind closed doors. I want the freedom to discuss and talk about the things I do in my life without fear of persecution. I want to be able to build on my own land without needing permission from the Government. I want to have the freedom this country was founded on. I understand that times are changing and in return I accept responsibility for my actions. That should be enough for anyone.

        You can invade my privacy all you want as long as I’m free to do what I want. I’m not going to endanger anyone. I just want my little piece of land and the ability to expand my consciousness without restriction. It’s not to much to ask for.

         Ron Paul 2012