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Alaïs was a frail child and at first, not expected to survive. Her older sister Oriane is much more robust. But, although quiet and biddable, she grows to be a resilient, brave and fiercely independent woman. She is very loyal, with a strong sense of fairness and is protective of those less powerful than herself.

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Hey!! A Comic!!

Okay, so if you don’t know, one of my first and favourite writers of all time has to be @northfox !! And since someone suggested it, I tried illustrating some of my favourite work of theirs. This is from their fic A Rock and a Hard Place - which is an awesome, lightearted oneshot I just had to draw! Go check it out, its quick and cute as hell you guys.

Let’s Bring back the Golden Era of BoM

If you want more of this comic for this particular story, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

this was adorable to write, thank you @jointed-custody


Splinter was beginning to worry about one of his sons. Donatello was just so quiet compared to his brothers. He was concerned his small, thin son had something… wrong with him.

Splinter brushed that thought aside and told himself that it was a terrible thing to think. His son, no matter how he grew up, was perfect as he was. Quiet or no.

But, Donatello was just different though. From his much rowdier, much louder siblings. Endless words were always pouring from the other three, muddled and nonsensical as they were. But they talked, constantly, and Donatello… didn’t.

Splinter’s son had talked plenty as a smaller turtle, as a true baby, but the words had all been simple sounds. Not Japanese or English, not even close. Even Michelangelo, as distractible as he was, had begun to pick up larger and larger words the last few months. Donatello would simply watch everything, and make gestures when he wanted something.

Splinter wished they had a more permanent home, so he might settle down long enough to see if he could figure out why Donatello wasn’t speaking.

As they prepared their latest hiding spot for the night, and old service tunnel, wide enough to play in and unused for years and years, Splinter sighed deeply as another shrieking match began.

Leonardo and Michelangelo and Raphael were screaming at each other again, fighting over something that Splinter hadn’t caught as he set up their sleeping piles. Donatello was watching them fight, as he usually did, and simply avoided Raphael and Leonardo tackled each other into a roll. Michelangelo started wailing where he stood, and Splinter wished for the hundredth time that ear plugs came in ‘giant rodent’ format.

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The Untimely Death of an Innocent Husband

It was the 12th of September, 1994, when a man living in the Timber Creek condominiums in West Dover, Vermont, heard a loud banging at his door. When he opened it, he was met by 32-year-old NASA contract engineer, John Grega. John, who exclaimed that he needed to ring 911 after finding his wife, Christine, murdered in the bathtub. John, Christine, and their 2-year-old son had been vacationing in Vermont and had rented a condominium next door. The family were from Long Island, New York. John told police that he had taken his son to a theme park before taking him to the play park. When he arrived back to the condominium, he said he then discovered his wife’s slain body. An autopsy determined that Christine had been raped and then strangled to death.

Three months following the murder, John was arrested and charged with his wife’s murder. John denied any involvement in the shocking murder but police claimed the couple had been having marital issues and went on vacation as a make or break ultimatum. He was scheduled to receive $25,000 in life insurance proceeds from his wife’s death. During his trial, there was no physical evidence again him and the prosecution mounted a circumstantial case. Nevertheless, John was found guilty of Christine’s murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment. As John languished in Southern State Correctional Facility, he continued to maintain his innocence. While there, he worked as the librarian at the prison’s legal library and aided other inmates with their legal work, while fighting to throw out his own conviction. In 2012, his attorneys requested that evidence collected at the crime scene, including bodily fluids swabbed from Christine’s body, be retested. When the DNA results came back, it was found to not match John’s - the semen found inside Christine did not belong to John.

Later on in the year, the prosecution dismissed all charges against John and he was released. In 2014, he filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Dover and announced he was seeking compensation or his wrongful conviction. However, he never received that compensation. Tragically, in 2015, John died in a tragic accident in New York.

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So drabble ideas. Mikey and Raphael learning to play chess, they Hamato ninja way. Donnie and the day without coffee. Leo and the Zen of cleaning your sword.

no coffee no mercy.


There has to be some in here! THERE HAS TO BE!”

Raph sipped his drink, which was apple juice, because otherwise Donnie would have mauled him by now, and watched his brother tear through the kitchen cupboards. Again.

They’d only been awake about ten minutes, and already things were sliding towards complete chaos. Of course, that always happened when they ran out of coffee grounds.

As Donnie continued to ransack their kitchen for the fifteenth time, desperate to find a stash of caffeine, Mikey, who was sitting at the table with Raph, leaned over to whisper, “Hey, are we gonna tell him Leo took the last bunch for that facial thing he’s trying?”

Raph looked over the rim of his cup, and saw that Donnie was heading from desperate mode to semi-rabid mode.

“Do you want him to kill us now, or later?” Raph questioned, because it was only a matter of time before Donnie gave up on the kitchen and turned on them.



Kidding. Later, obviously. Can we let Leo take the brunt of things, though?”

Donnie threw open the freezer door, and hissed balefully in response to the offended yowls of ice cream kitty.

Raph figured now was a good time to start running.

“Leo’s fault, he takes the fall,” Raph said, setting his empty cup on the table and getting up to leave. Mikey followed him, and they both beat a hasty retreat before Donnie realized they were.

They squeezed past Leo, who was blithely walking into the kitchen with a paste to refrigerate, and Raph didn’t spare his brother a warning of his imminent demise.

Mikey did though, and left Leo with the parting shot of, “Y’all are fucked, bro.”

“What?” Leo asked as they ran, only for his voice to be overpowered by Donnie’s, as their brother caught sight of the fate his precious coffee had met, and let loose what could only be described as a hellish scream of fury.

“Donnie has problems, dude,” Mikey commented as they ran from the kitchen. “He needs to chill with the caffeine addiction.”

“Do you want to tell him that?” Raph questioned.


Leo shriek echoed through the lair behind them, and Raph and Mikey sped up their bolting for the tunnels.

“You know what? I’m good,” Mikey said, hopping the turnstiles with Raph. 

Raph had figured as much, and kept running.