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Alaïs was a frail child and at first, not expected to survive. Her older sister Oriane is much more robust. But, although quiet and biddable, she grows to be a resilient, brave and fiercely independent woman. She is very loyal, with a strong sense of fairness and is protective of those less powerful than herself.

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@reader115 Here ya go bro, some quality fanart of that epic fic of yours. ;D

(It’s on AO3 as ‘Keeping Raphael’, and it’s basically just an adorable fic about dorknardo being jealous of his 2016 self. LxR, of course. ;D)

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For your requests, perhaps your take on a trans Donatello? Because female turtles are usually a lot larger than males, and he's always been so much taller than his brothers, I always liked the headcanon that he might actually be biologically female and wasn't aware of it until later or something along those lines.

I’m always a slut for trans scenarios, especially when I can slip my OT3 into things.


Casey has been staring at Donnie for a full three minutes now without a word, and Donnie is starting to think this was a mistake.

“If I’d known I could make you shut up this long just by outing myself to you, maybe I would have tried it sooner,” Donnie says, crossing his arms and trying for levity in their situation. Fuck. April hadn’t been like this, and Donnie had been hoping Casey wouldn’t either…

Casey opens his mouth, then closes it, and keeps staring at Donnie across the lab table they’re sitting at. Donnie can almost hear the gears churning in his friend’s brain.

This isn’t going well. Donnie can feel it. Casey is either going to throw a fit, or… well, worst case scenario is him rejecting Donnie for being even more divergent from the norm than he already is as a mutant, or he’ll keep being friends with Donnie, but insist on using female pronouns, or or or-

Donnie isn’t feeling well. He feels like his stomach is trying to flip and invert and maybe ouroboros itself all at once. He’d wanted to do this, or told himself he had, because in order to go any further with his relationship with Casey and April both, Casey needed to know. Because otherwise it would have been lying, and then if Casey had somehow found out afterwards, then it would have been so, so much worse than just rejection right from the start, and Donnie-

Donnie needs to step out and breathe. Give Casey space to wrap his head around the idea of Donnie being trans. Maybe things’ll be less awkward if they both take a moment.

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Ooh, requests from an awesome TMNT femslash writer. ^_^ If you're still looking, how about some cute Shinirai hurt/comfort? After Shini hurts her ankle in a fight, it's up to Karai to patch her girlfriend up and keep her occupied while she's healing and benched from fighting.

“You are going to sit there-”

“But Karai-”

“-and heal up, and not injure yourself further-”

“-my job is to guard you, you can’t just-”

“-because you will be useless with a twisted ankle, and get both of us killed-”

“-bench me like this, it’s so humiliating! I can still fight!”

“-and I couldn’t bear to lose you over such a stupid decision.”

Shini snaps her mouth shut at that statement, and feels an ashamed heat rise to her cheeks. A rare thing, since she is typically shameless. Karai is still standing over her, unmoving against Shini’s attempts to rise from the plush bed she’s been put in.

Shini tries one more time, fluttering her lashes at Karai. “Please? I know perfectly well how to fight around such an injury…”

No, Shini,” Karai says firmly. “As your leader, employer, and girlfriend- I’m ordering you to sit, and rest, and stop being an idiot. A romantic idiot, but an idiot nonetheless.”

Shini pouts, and flops dramatically onto the pillows Karai totally unnecessarily added to the bed. Though, she admitted, they were very comfortable. “You wound me, senpai. I thought you thought I was cunning and clever.”

“I think you’re those things too, but also an idiot who goes too far and gets herself hurt,” Karai says, and Shini knows she’s referencing the fight they’d been in earlier that night, with an uncooperative gang who had just not backed down. Really, the New York underworld just did not know when to let things go, even in the face of overwhelming power from the Foot.

Could Karai blame her though? Shini had only been doing her sworn duty, getting between the bruiser and her dear senpai before he could do any damage. Shini’s ankle aches, but she would fight even with a broken leg if it meant Karai’s safety.

“Now move over,” Karai says, making ‘shoo shoo’ motions with her hand. “We’re going to take advantage of this and take the night off. I know that you’ll get up the second I take my eyes off you anyways, so don’t bother trying to get me to leave.”

“Who, me?” Shini says innocently, even as she moves over to make room for Karai in the large bed. Karai leaves her indoor slippers on the floor as she climbs in with Shini, and picks up the remote waiting on the side table. Karai turns the wall mounted television on, and Shini is pleasantly surprised to see her favorite romance drama already loaded up for viewing.

“Who’s the romantic again?” Shini asks, a fond smile forming on her lips.

“Hush up and enjoy your sappy dramas,” Karai says, even as she does a very sappy thing, and moves close enough to curl up against Shini.

Shini’s ankle no longer hurts at all, and she is completely distracted by her girlfriend’s warmth and sappy kindness. Shini steals a quick kiss from Karai, and less than reluctantly settles in for a television marathon. 

Because, obviously, she can tolerate being taken off duty, if her said sworn duty is right here in her arms.