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LGBT+ korean dramas and movies

In honor of Pride month, I’ve decided to make a masterlist of korean dramas and movies that include LGBT+ characters

I haven’t seen them all so tell me if you think some of them shouldn’t be there and also if you have other to add, just tell me!! I will update the post regularly ♡

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Baby Bust

Universe: TMNT!2012

Pairing: Raph/April (Raphril)

Prompt: “You’re pregnant and it’s mine"  from here (x)

Note: This was supposed to be 500 words I swear. It kind of just…got away from me and I loved it so much I couldn’t stop myself. On a side note human courting is gross and horrifying. It’s not a secret. Everybody knows.

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"You’re pregnant and it’s mine,” Raph repeated for what felt like the hundredth time “We’re here to visit my brothers. To give them, I dunno, moral support or whatever.”

“Raph, I know the plan,” April sigh, adjusting her swollen belly. For all that it was fake it felt surprisingly real. Though why Fugitoid kept a hyper-realistic pregnancy belly around April preferred not to think about it too deeply. “Are you sure this is going to work?”

Raph’s head jerked sharply, pinning her with annoyed glare.

“Of course it’s a good idea.” He replied, bristling at the implication that his precious plan might have a glaring flaw. “We get in there, give Donnie his tech junk, and he’ll have them out in a snap. What’s the problem?”

April’s eyes trailed the sterile white hallways, taking in all the information she could for when everything inevitably went south. Judging from the looks the guards had shared when they first entered, their little ruse was less than convincing.

“I don’t know,” April shrugged, “maybe the fact you were supposed to be the one who knocked me up but you won’t even touch me.”


Seeing Raph’s blank stare April sighed. If this plan was going to work she was clearly going to have to do it herself. Rolling her eyes she looped an arm through Raph’s, ignoring the flinch she got when she did. He moved to pull away but that only made April tighten her grasp.

Thankfully, their arrival at the final security checkpoint forestalled any further objections he might have had.

“Anything to declare?” Asked one of the guards as she waved them through the scanner, a look of obvious disinterest on her furry purple face. “Please step through and wait for the beep.”

Everything seemed to be going fine as Raph, then April stepped through humming machine. According to Fugitoid the prosthetic skin should scramble any scanning devices and project the necessary images.

At least that’s what it was supposed to do.

“Hold up,” the guardswoman said sharply. Grabbing her partner by the arm she dragged him over to the screen. “What in the Gregarian Nebula is that?”

“Is something wrong?” April asked sweetly, though her stomach was sinking.

Whatever Fugitoid’s machine was supposed to do, it clearly hadn’t worked. At this rate they were going to need to fight their way out after all. From the corner of her eye, April could already see Raph sliding into a defensive stance.

“You better believe something’s wrong.” The female snapped. Spinning the screen around she pointed sharply at the detailed green image.

Much to April’s surprise, instead of a cluster of hard tech and wires there was a tiny body.

Upon closer inspection it did not seem so odd. Sure it had a shell and a few less fingers than a normal baby but otherwise even April would have been fooled by it if she hadn’t already known it was faked.

“It’s a baby,” April said slowly, glancing at Raph. He seemed to have the same perplexed expression though; if April didn’t know better she could have sworn she saw a hint of awe. “We’re having a baby.”

“And you keep it in your abdominal cavity?” the male guard squeaked, his olive skin turning yellow.

“Well, that’s where Earth babies normally go,” Raph replied, comprehension seeming to dawn. “Do you want to touch her belly or something? You can if you want.”

The two guards flinched back as though they’d been struck. Eyeing April suspiciously the guardsman edged around her until he reached the check point’s console.

“N-no we’re fine.” He stuttered, watching April like she was about to explode. “You can go on in.”

Just as she turned to leave a wicked thought crossed April’s mind. Leaning down slightly she planted a firm kiss right on Raph’s mouth, the curve of her belly forcing her to bend awkwardly.

Still, Raph’s arm wound tightly against her waist, pulling her close almost unconsciously. Even when they finally drew apart his grip remained firm, keeping her close at his side.

“Let’s go see your brothers, sweetie,” said April, smiling sweetly. As though this were a normal, everyday occurrence and not a solid eight on her weirdness scale.

“Whatever you say, dear,” nodded Raph, tugging her gently down the hall.

When they were just out of the guards’ earshot April leaned down once again, this time to whisper in Raph’s ear.

“You know,” she smirked, “you’re actually a pretty good baby daddy.”

Raph shook his head but kept his arm tightly around April’s waist. For appearance’s sake. Probably.

“You’re not too bad yourself.”

As April and Raph turned the corner the guardswoman turned to her partner, a look of blatant horror on her face.

“Did you see that?” She hissed, glancing down the hallways as if fearful that April or Raph would reappear. “They secreted fluids. Into each others’ mouths,” she shuddered, “and in public no less.”

Even the thought of it sent the guardsman into another fit of heaving.

“Terrans are absolutely disgusting.”

For my dark turtles AU.

This is at the end when everything is over and the turtles are where they rightfully belong. =) 

I don’t know what happened today I sat in front of my computer and then there was a bright light then I don’t remember anything and then this appeared on my screen like magic I swear it came from nowhere.

A silver rabbit still in shock.

The authorities say this event happened right after the victim read the new fanfiction “Calculated risk” written by Ponacopuck.

Edit : I added Donnie’s Bô staff because why the hell would he go outside without it ?

Edit 2 : Freeeeeckleeeessssssssss ! I was really tired yesterday. (dat excuse.)

Future Regrets

Summary: 2012 Dan and Phil break up and future Dan comes to tell 2012 Dan how to fix things

Word Count: ~1k

Warnings: None 

“Phil, how could you?” Dan screamed. The Valentine’s Day video had leaked and now everyone knew their secret.

“Dan, please, I swear I didn’t do it,” Phil said through his tears. Dan and Phil had never had a fight this big.

“You have always been pressuring me into telling everyone about our relationship, but now you go behind my back and do this,” Dan shouts back.

“No Dan, please, please listen to me,” Phil begs.

“No, Phil. I didn’t want this, and now I just don’t know. We won’t work Phil. The phandom will tear us apart. And I just don’t want that,” Dan says. He still sounded angry, but the sadness seeped into each word.

“Dan, please don’t break up with me, I love you,” Phil begged. Tears flooded down his cheeks. His gorgeous blue eyes were no longer shining.

“I just need time to think,” Dan said. With that, he grabbed his keys and walked out of the apartment.

Dan didn’t know where he was going. It was cold outside and he hadn’t grabbed a jacket. After about fifteen minutes of walking, he just wanted to go somewhere warm. There was a Starbucks around the corner so he decided to head there. 

Dan ordered a caramel macchiato and sat down. He hadn’t let himself cry this entire time, but now he couldn’t hold back the tears. He looked around to see if anyone was looking but no one was. He was sat in the corner so that he would’t draw attention to himself.

After half an hour of crying and thinking, someone approached Dan.

“Dan, do you mind if I sit down?” Dan looked up to a strange sight. The man in front of him looked like himself, only decades older.

“I’m sorry, do I know you?” Dan questioned, but gestured for the man to sit down.

“I don’t know if you’ll believe me but I’m you from the future.”

Present Dan didn’t know what to say. He stared at the stranger claiming to be himself. He looked worn down. He had massive dark circles under his eyes, as if he hadn’t slept in weeks. His hair was graying, and looked dead and dry. But the most striking difference was his eyes. Future Dan’s eyes were no longer a warm and inviting chocolate brown. They seemed desolate. Future Dan looked as if he hadn’t smiled in over a decade.

“How could I possibly believe that?” Dan asked, his voice wavering.

“Because I know you Dan. I know you love Phil. I know that we just got in a fight with Phil. And I know that if you don’t fix things you’ll always regret it,” future Dan stated with confidence.

“What do you mean I’ll ‘always regret it?’” present Dan asked.

“Dan if you don’t fix things tonight, Phil may never forgive you,” future Dan stated.

“Forgive me?” Dan said, feeling the anger bubbling up again. “He was the one who ruined everything.”

“No Dan, he didn’t. YouTube glitched. Phil would never do something that he knew you weren’t okay with. Phil loves you,” future Dan states.

“If he loves me, then what goes wrong?” present Dan asks.

“Let me tell you what happens. Dan, when I was in 2012, I walked out on Phil. I was angry beyond belief and I never thought I could forgive him. I broke up with him, even though I still loved him. I was miserable for months. Fans began asking us why I had moved out of the apartment, why I had become so distant, and why I was never with Phil. It’s because I had made the biggest mistake of my life, leaving Phil. After six months had passed, I knew I had to try and win him back. And I tried, but Phil didn’t want me anymore. He said we could be friends but that was it. I had hurt him so much and there was no way he could forgive me, Dan." 

Future Dan had started to tear up, but he kept on telling his story.

"A year after the break up, I couldn’t handle the pressure of YouTube. So I quit. I gave no real explanation, no goodbye video, I simply stopped posting videos. I was given the opportunity to host a full segment on BBC Radio 1 so I took it, making it my life. Every now and then I would see Phil. He did stuff for BBC as well. Every time I looked into his eyes, I could feel myself falling apart. Eventually I grew numb to the pain. But one day, Phil met Jacob. They hit it off. Jacob also worked for Radio 1. Every single day I saw the two of them slowly falling in love, Dan. They were happy. And I was absolutely crushed. I still love Phil. One day Phil and Jacob made an announcement. They were engaged. Engaged. I couldn’t handle it. Dan, I made one dumb decision, and the love of my life slipped out of my hands. Dan, please, go back and apologize to Phil.”

Future Dan was now crying. He couldn’t talk anymore. Present Dan didn’t know what to say. He could see how utterly broken he would become and wasn’t sure what to do. Present Dan thought that he would never leave YouTube, but then again he had thought he would never leave Phil and look where he was?

“Okay.” Present Dan said.

“Okay?” future Dan repeated.

“I’m going to go apologize. I believe you.” Dan said with a smile.

Dan could see the light return to the eyes of his future self. He was smiling, and crying, and looked unbelievably happy.


Dan returned to the apartment to find all of the lights off. It was silent. He assumed Phil had went to bed.

Dan walked over the Phil’s door, and hesitated. Should he knock? He decided to walk right in. 

Phil was curled up on his bed crying. Dan hated seeing Phil so broken, because he loves Phil.

Dan climbed into bed, and hugged Phil.

“Dan? I’m so sorry, Dan.” Phil said through sobs.

“Shhhhh. It’s okay, Phil. I know it wasn’t your fault. I just over reacted. I love you Phil. I will always love you Phil." 

2012 Phan Masterlist

Links Last Checked: July 7th, 2017

About Crying - lesterotic

Summary: something about how dan always cries when they’re screaming at each other and phil never does. until that one time.

Blank Page - phanwanderingforgames

Summary: It is the year 2012, Dan and Phil didn’t meet in the year 2009 due to Dan being anxious on what his idol would say about him. So he just watches Phil as one of his fans. But what if a certain contest started by a certain Amazing Youtuber changes that fate?

Future Regrets - solamepriy

Summary: 2012 Dan and Phil break up and future Dan comes to tell 2012 Dan how to fix things.

He Thinks, And That’s Enough - iloveminecraft807

Summary: Dan thinks that one day they’ll return to normal. He thinks that one day they’ll be better and happier than they were in 2009.

I’ve Never Been This Far From Home - celestialhowell

Summary: It’s 2012; Dan misses Phil but it sure seems the feeling isn’t mutual.

Of Cereal And Sunrises - anonymous

Summary: Dan and Phil fight. Then make up in the last few paragraphs.

Once Upon a Coffee Shop - just-phantasizing

Summary: When Dan and Phil’s relationship begins to fall apart, will the girl who’s seen their love from the very beginning be able to help them mend it back together again?

Post Break-Up Sex -  dreamboymatty

Summary: It’s 2012 and Dan and Phil have broken up but their feelings are anything but gone.

Simply Transport - maggieisnotacat

Summary: Dan and Phil move to London and find the movers carrying all their furniture hit their hours before going to London, leaving them with an unfurnished flat for the night.

We’ve Always Been -  embracingpastels

Summary: They kiss when they’re drunk, and love each other the rest of the time, and fucking in their hallway is the closest they’ve come to admitting it.

We Chose To Say Goodbye (But I Choose You) (ao3) - rosegoldwords

Summary: “I keep building walls, but you’re always on my mind, won’t let them fall down. I’m tired, can we give up the art of moving on?” - Heffron Drive, Art of Moving On.

Where’d You Go? - curiosityandrain

Summary: It’s 2012 and Phil can’t seem to find Dan anymore.

So I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut for some time, and I could use some help from you guys. Here I’ve put together my own color palette challenge. 

Just send in your ask with a character and a palette, and I’ll draw it! 

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