2012 postseason

Why Patrick Kane?

I realize this might come at a bad time as he is currently in a 3-game scoring slump. But let’s take a minute here; let’s take a minute to talk about Patrick Timothy Kane II. 

He was drafted number one overall in 2007. He is 26 years old. He scored the Stanley Cup-winning goal in the overtime of Game 6 against the Philadelphia Flyers in 2010. He won the Conn Smythe Trophy in 2013. He won a silver medal in 2010. He won the Calder in 2008. You could say he is an established young man. He’s certainly made a name for himself. 

But there are a lot of players who have a lot of hardware in their trophy cases. A lot of players have won the Stanley Cup, the Conn Smythe Trophy even, and we don’t even remember their names. Some have even done more than Kane, yet do we still speak of them? Maybe—there was Gretzky. And maybe not. 

So, why Kane? Why do people talk about Kane? What is noticeable about him? Think about it, him: Patrick Kane. 

He’s absolutely not the most perfect hockey player to ever pass through the NHL. Painting his face black for Halloween in 2009 wasn’t his best moment. Though we will not judge, there was the infamous Cab Driver Incident of ‘09. The parties in Madison, Wisconsin in 2012 after a poor postseason performance. 

But Kane is still here. He still plays for that very same team that drafted him, number one overall, in 2007. And yes, he’s had dips in his career, moments he surely wants to forget now. There was a time and place to consider trading Patrick Kane. That time and place is now unfathomable. He now embodies determination, skill, finesse, and an ability to come through when his team needs him most. 

What changed? 

And what about Kane made them change their minds? 

Why do we talk about Kane? To me, it’s because he is a human being. He is flawed. And really, some people are so unforgiving. They take that a bad thing he did, and they pin it on him, so he can never escape it. It’s suffocating, and it’s hard to watch. We have all done bad things. We have all made choices that we would surely likely to correct, given the chance. And no, we’re not all superstars that are in the public-eye at all times. But we are humans, just like Patrick Kane. 

So maybe that’s it. That’s what is so fascinating about him. His vulnerabilities, his issues, his mistakes, his pure skill at hockey, they all come together to make him, to complete Kaner

And through all of his dark times, he stayed afloat. He always battled back. He always came through in the most important times and proved why he was selected number one overall, why he deserves to play for one of the greatest teams in hockey, in all of sports, really. Not only does he deserve to be on the team, he, sometimes, is the team. Kane has a knack for making sure you don’t give up on him, right when you were about to. It’s infatuating. 

So, if you are doubting him right now, just remember what I said. He’ll surprise you, bet on it. 

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