2012 pilots

ANIMATIC: OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes Main Title

(See the final version here!)

Presenting the rough animatic for the show’s main titles! This was a true labor of love and a chance to work with one of my animation heroes, Hiroyuki Imaishi(Best known as the co-founder of Studio Trigger)!

For this project, we began by solidifying the theme song. Our team at Mint Potion Studios, headed by composer Jake Kaufman, created a blood-pumping disco song that not only extols the virtues of friendship but also brings to mind the visual of robots exploding. As an easter egg, the first 9 notes are a callback to the theme song of the original 2012 “Lakewood Plaza Turbo” pilot!

We sent the theme song and some early episodes to Imaishi-san in Japan for him to get the vibe of the project. He sent us a mind-blowing storyboard- he created an otherworldly image of a planet encased in a discoball seamlessly transitioning to a wild action sequence(described by him as “CRAZY FIGHTING”)! Our storyboard supervisor Jeremy Polgar took it from there, and animated the heck out of it. Pausing randomly on the final version reveals some pretty out-there character drawings!

This intro is very special to me, as it encapsulates all of the feelings of the show into one place. It took months of coordinating across multiple time zones. It was a challenge to get all of the main characters, rivals, settings, and a discoball all in 20 seconds! Please, enjoy our hard work!

-Ian JQ

Storyboard: Hiroyuki Imaishi

Director: Jeremy Polgar

Revisions & Additional Animation: Max Collins, Anna Craig, Ian Jones-Quartey

Music: Mint Potion Studios

Special Thanks to Will Feng, Studio Trigger

NAME: A Real Magic Skeleton

AGE: Young Adult


SPECIES: A Real Magic Skeleton

BACKSTORY: He’s a magically enchanted skeleton with his own thoughts, dreams and personality.

CHARACTER BIO: Works at the boring frame store and hates everything about it except working with his best friend Brandon. Jealous of KO, Rad & Enids’ cool adventures.

ATTACKS: Skull Toss (he throws his head. It’s pretty strong but then he’s gotta go pick it back up and it’s kind of embarrassing)

WEAKNESSES: When he uses a powerful spell, he falls apart and his skull has to re-collect his parts.

FUN FACT: He has no talent with magic. But he’s taking night courses at the community college in hopes of getting better!

VOICED BY: Ben Jones

Ian Note: ARMS’s model sheet remains almost exactly the same as his first appearance in the 2012 pilot, “Lakewood Plaza Turbo”

NAME: Darrell

AGE: Robo-Teen



BACKSTORY: Darrells are loyal stooges/henchmen to Lord BoxMan

CHARACTER BIO: Darrells are known for their trickery, persistence, and stupidity.  Has a never ending rivalry with Shannon.

ATTACKS: Shoots missiles, sends out endless multiples of himself

WEAKNESSES: Gets flustered by petty insults. Has no particular “gimmick” like his robo-brothers and sisters.

FUN FACT: Secretly wishes he could be as cool as KO, Rad & Enid.

VOICED BY: Ian Jones-Quartey

Ian Note: Darrell’s model sheet is exactly the same as the 2012 pilot! Totally unchanged!