2012 nyfw

Karlie, Leigh, and a Bathroom Stall

Because of the recent in your face, fake as fuck stunting brought to you by Karlie and Josh, I’m going to fill you in on a little something I (and a few others) have been sitting on for almost a year. 

So Leigh Lezark, yeah? Most of us know who she is, if not, google her and Karlie’s name together. One of my mutuals had gotten word that something happened between Leigh and Karlie before 2013. The person giving the info ran in Leigh’s DJ’ing circles, and they said Leigh was babbling about what happened with Karlie. It wasn’t until we cross referenced it with another source we got, that we realized something actually really did happen between those two. The second source that confirmed this said stuff happened in a bathroom stall at an afterparty during NYFW in 2012. So we have two sources basically confirming the same thing… You don’t get two sources saying the same thing every day.

Why does this information matter? Because Karlie was “technically” with Josh at the time. Kevin posted that IG of those two in August, and Karlie was messing around with Leigh in September. So either Karlie cheated on him, or he’s just her beard. If you want to believe she’s actually with him and a cheater, fine, be my guest. I don’t think she would ever do that though, so I’m more inclined to believe he is just her beard. Also keep in mind, this is just one piece of info I’ve got on these two. There’s plenty more where this came from.