2012 no cops

the yakuza 5 experience

chapter 1: sad taxi dad misses his kids and fails miserably to hide his former life

chapter 2: crazed unrepentant murder of wildlife across the snowy mountain/we have to kidnap the presidentKitikana Chairman

chapter 3: pop idol simulator 2012 & buddy cops

chapter 4: maybe the real yakuza was the friends we made along the way

finale: pls call an ambulance. maybe five ambulance. 


Raphaelthewarrior requested that I drew Raph like their icon holding a Chinese dragon.

I had TONS of fun drawing this once I got the hang of the dragon. At this rate he’ll be the new leader of the Purple Dragons! XDD (( All though I doubt Mikey would approve of him taking his bad cop shades. :P ))