2012 no cops

My dream AA competition is Viktoria Komova 2012 where she doesn’t run off the mat on her vault vs 2015/2016 Simone Biles. Both have the highest AA d scores ever with Vika’s 26.0 in the 2012 COP and Simone’s 26.0 in the 2016 COP. It will never happen but I can dream.

I was on a date today and I mentioned anime one (1) time in the context of “things that are trashy but that we watch and love anyway” (not even a specific show just like, maligning the general concept of anime) and a voice behind us goes “oh, you know about dagan ronpa?” and we turn around and it’s a fucking cop


Raphaelthewarrior requested that I drew Raph like their icon holding a Chinese dragon.

I had TONS of fun drawing this once I got the hang of the dragon. At this rate he’ll be the new leader of the Purple Dragons! XDD (( All though I doubt Mikey would approve of him taking his bad cop shades. :P ))