2012 muse

As a three piece band, Muse are so gifted. They’re some of the best musicians I’ve ever worked with in a rock band. I went to see them play a bunch of times on their last tour and it kinda blows my mind that Dom, before he plays, warms up for over an hour. He has a full kit next to their dressing room. He starts playing hard, like he’s playing a real show, so when he walks onstage, he’s completely warmed up, sweating, like he’s already halfway through a show in a way. That blew my mind that he could do that and play for another 2 and a half hours. You’ve got to have your shit together to do that.
—  Butch Vig (Producer & Drummer of Garbage in 2012)

I live in constant fear that one day I’ll wake up from a coma or something and I’ll look at the people surrounding me that are supposed to be my real family but I wont remember them because the people I dreamt about in the coma are the ones I remember growing up with and im terrified my favourite bands and singers and shows and idols etc are all part of my imagination. Like you wake up and youtube isn’t a thing you made it up. What if that happened.