2012 miles challenge

175.8 - Excuse me what?

As you may or may not know, I have continued weighing in daily (once in the morning and once in the evening, actually) in order to track what kind of fluctuations my body undergoes, and hopefully to prove some sort of point about the scale (I haven’t figured out what exactly, I’m a bad scientist, but pretty sure something along the lines of it’s sort of full of it).

And here is an example of why I think it’s full of it: 175.8

Granted, I worked very hard this week to achieve small daily goals and to try not to overeat. Last night, I had a small snack before going out for dinner and drinks with the boy and friends (more on that later) and had a few (seriously, about three) wings and a few beers while we were out. (Yes, I know alcohol dehydrates you, but I’ve also been drinking plenty of water and was wearing clothes when I stepped on the scale). I’ve also been keeping myself motivated with the 2012 challenge.

When I first stepped on the scale, it read “173” … I stepped on it again, moved the scale around some, and then stepped on it again. The reading did go up and eventually stayed at 175.8 three times (though the fluctuations were minor). On January the 1, 2012, I weighed in at 181.X so I’ve lost over 5lbs in one week? Seems a little wonky to me. (Yesterday’s weigh-in was 178.4 which seemed more realistic). 

I’m interested to see how this trends out. Maybe I need new batteries for my scale. Maybe I have experienced a legitimate weight loss - if so, I’m hoping it was a fat loss and not muscle loss from not being able to do a lot of strength training (but it might be). Maybe this is one of those weird times where the scale dips low and it’s just foolin’ me. 

Maybe I’ve legitimately lost weight and I can’t bring myself to accept that I really am no longer medically/BMI-determined “obese.” Who knows.

I had not planned on posting about the weigh-ins until I had something to report about the fluctuations but … I guess i just needed to put this out there.

Starting the day off with AC/DC

No complaints. How many miles will you log today?

I have a run planned after work. After the chiropractor.

Run for as long as I want, stop if I need to, have fun. I haven’t done that in a while.

The Color Run is soon and I haven’t been running. Should be interesting. Need to get in shape and get some miles logged.

180.0 this morning. I’m continuing the weigh a day thing, and I’m actually tracking my daily fluctuations in the morning and the evening, hoping to prove something by the end of the year about fluctuations, but not sure what yet.

Have a great day everyone.