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Lone Rat and Cubs

my favorite thing about Splinter is how he’ll stop at nothing to protect his new family and do something with the second chance he’s been given. that’s such a beautiful message: finding a new purpose despite everything you’ve lost.

                                                “My turtles.”

It only lasted half a second, but this moment was pivotal.

You don’t consider teaching ninjutsu to a bunch of creatures you consider as humanoid pets. You consider teaching ninjutsu to children.

This is the moment he stopped being just their caretaker, and started to become their father. They are his, & he is theirs.


(Top) Someday I’ll See You Again by winterheath
(Bottom) Daddy by Lilak-rain (both from deviantart)

I’ve never seen this version of TMNT, but I just heard last week that in their most recent episodes, Master Splinter was killed off from the show and probably the franchise. How could they do that!? He was an important part of the series! That’s like killing off Optimus Prime (which they’re slowly doing)!

Anyway, I wanted to make a tribute post to Splinter. He was an iconic mentor, Master, and father, and he will be missed by every generation of Turtle fans.
(R.I.P 1985-2017)

Turtles Movie by 07kiwa
I know that a lot of people didn’t like the new turtles movie because it’s directed by Michael Bay, but I personally enjoyed both movies! I just think that they looked kind of weird with the motion capture effects. But which would you rather have, this version, or the plotless, boring, 300 rip-off 2007 version? 😒