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I'm sorry I'm lost...did yamayuto get in a fight recently??

i will assume you’ve joined in the ship lately, and well i’ve been tasked to explain i guess? and to anyone out there that have the same question too. excuse me as this reply gets really long, and i will try to be objective to explain this properly.

yutoyama has a long history since they’ve known each other since juniors, and if you watched them when they were like tiny babies, they were inseparable (and we all know how they became friends with yuto asking yamada to go home together since they lived in the same direction). a nice side note would be that yamada looks up to yuto a lot and thus his reason of calling him ‘yuto-kun’ because no matter what yuto would be a someone that he would respect and admire (it’s from a magazine interview a few years back but yes, calling him ‘yuto-kun’ is like brushing his teeth, although yamada’s been changing or trying to change how he calls yuto). that aside, from their junior years to the formation of hey! say! 7 and then to hey! say! jump, they were super close and usually paired together. refer to makings from hey! say! to around mayonaka no shadow boy to see my point (imo, it’s best seen in hey! say!).

this, however, changed in 2009 where if you refer to their discography, jump had no release, except concerts. they don’t even have concert dvd release. yutoyama became literally non-existent on magazines or even shows that they go up. it should be noted that 2009 is when NYC (boys or not) formed, and along with school kakumei (yamada/hikaru/chinen) replacing showa x heisei (yuto/yamada/ryutaro). you could say that the interactions between yutoyama was awkward and seriously non-existent and that lasted until 2010 (2011 wasn’t exactly good but it really got better). for reference, refer to the makings of hitomi no screen, arigatou, where you would see literally no moments for them (or some where it was initiated by yuto but yeah). i really have no idea what happened between them but that period of time was referred to the yutoyama drought and fanfics prospered (do ransack fics from that period, they are really good /recommendation/). ofc, 2010 was much better than 2009.

things got better in 2011, as we can see in over making, yamada tried to make yuto lift him up and do that idk jumping thing but ofc BEST cockblocked him (in all our amusement). and so we slowly see them interacting with each other. we later had magic power and you do see them interacting (although not as much still). but in all honesty, we were able to see the past shine of their friendship between both of them and we were really please. 

the killer for us was of course the later half of 2011 where the casting of Risou no Musuko was announced. there were many repos and magazine translations and you can navigate around this tumblog to see them but the main turning point was probably yamada’s new year resolution on one magazine for 2012. he said and i quote that he would stick to yuto-kun like glue from now on. which is actually a 180 degree change in his attitude. another nice side note i would add here would be that yamada is not someone that appreciates skinship, something well-established during his junior days, and you can sometimes see how awkward he look with skinship (other than with yuto imo because yuto literally ignores yamada’s no-skinship rule). and so we set out to the wonderland of yutoyama with super delicate. and then all the very ghey reports comes out. and thus we all see how they had more interactions. 

i dont think the rest need to be explained by me, but yes they got closer, like they went back to their junior days, and a note would be that they dont really hang out with each other a lot since 2009 i think (since yamada would always say he’d see keito and daiki more) but yeah from 2012 onwards there were more spotting of yutoyama out together. there was once yamada said that he was out with yuto only to see yabu chinen and daiki and realised everyone was headed to the same place, outside work (it was said during a radio show). of course, we also see how they talked more about each other compared to 2009-2010.

and that leads us to your question of if they’ve fought recently. my answer would be no. they’ve probably have something going on between them during 2009-2010 which we dont know (but i have a feeling that it’s got to do with something about yamada being pushed as the center of jump and pushing yuto back, and yamada feels bad about this or smth but this is only a speculation). i would say that their recent statement would be that they’ve finally resolved whatever that happened between them all those years back and they’ve realised they are totally comfortable with each other, enough to bare everything out to each other and just yes, be there for each other. 

we all know that yamada asked jump’s opinion about his solo last year, and he talked about how takaki gave him a push with him telling yamada his reasoning, but he also talked about how yuto said how he understand’s yamada’s feeling (myojo june 2013, shinku column), and yeah i think that it’s something between them. 

not sure how i did explaining all these stuffs but i’m just baring everything i know that happened to all of you here reading this ask (or bothered to finish reading it)

generally, we believe that they had something on between them all those years back, but finally resolved it and declared they are best friends for each other after all (or maybe married couple for like many years as i quote from yuto’s statement from his radio show a few years ago).



Their debut single “A.RA.SHI” (1999) sold over 500k copies in a week and almost 1 million copies by the end of its chart run.

The tickets for their “Jet Storm Tour” (2006) in Korea sold out in an hour as 150k fans rushed to book them online.

Their greatest hits “All the Best! 1999-2009” album sold over 1 million copies in 13 days, a first in their history.

The 1st artist artist to sing their own songs at Tokyo Disney Sea in 2009, gained over 5 million ticket applicants.

The 1st group to host 3 TV shows in prime-time slot in a week.

The 1st artist to win 10 awards at once at the 2010 Gold Disc Awards, and declared as Japan’s Top Selling Artist in 2009 and 2010.

Their “10-11 Tour Scene” became the first music DVD in Oricon history to reach 600k copies of sales in a week in 2011.

The 1st artist to sell almost 8 million copies of concert DVDs, and still keep breaking their own records.

The 1st artist to hold concerts at the National Stadium for 6 years in a row since 2008.

The 1st group to be chosen to host the prestigious NHK’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen in 2010, and defend their position for 3 years in a row.

Helped raising the 2nd and 3rd highest amount of donations in the history of the annual charity telethon 24-Hour Television in 2008 and 2012.

Replaced their concerts in Tokyo Dome with their own charity event “Arashi no Waku Waku Gakkou” after the earthquake disaster in 2011 to conserve energy, and donated 300 million yen to the victims.

Honored with “Arashi Jet” by Japan Airlines since 2010 to promote their albums.

Had the Tokyo Tower illuminated in their 5 image colors for a day in March 2012.

Appointed as the official navigators for the “Japan Endless Discovery” campaign by Japan Tourism Agency, their CM aired in over 100 countries in 2011.

Had 4 out of 5 members honored with GQ Japan Men of the Year Awards in various categories.

Voted as “Most Favorite Artist” in Oricon magazine for 3 years in a row (2010-2012).

Their 2012 album “Popcorn” topped the Global Album Chart for a week.

Broke their own record in 2013 by selling over 800k copies of their “Calling/Breathless” single.

Gained almost 1.6 million official fanclub members in Japan only, the highest in Johnny & Associates.

Received 6 awards from Oricon Chart 2013; No.1 profit ALBUM SALES for LOVE with a total of 2.58 BILLION YEN, No.1 profit DVD sales for ARAFES with a total of 4.67 BILLION YEN, No.1 Album sales copies for LOVE with a total of 797,000 copies, No.1 DVD sales copies for ARAFES 2012 with a total of 806,000 copies, No.1 for Total DVD sales by an Artist for ARAFES and Popcorn witha total of 9.2 BILLION YEN, No.1 Total sales artist of the year with a total of 14.19 BILLION YEN

Invited by the governor of the state of Hawaii to do concert there two years ago. (now it will be happening)


We aren’t the ones who created the songs, so the awards were earned together with the musicians/artists as ‘Team Arashi’”-Sakurai Sho

“We want to be able to stay at the same level with the people who have supported or helped us all this while. We don’t want to aim for records or numbers, but to just appreciate the things we have now.” - Matsumoto Jun

Maybe also because of that, I again realized that Japanese people are attentive to details. And I think that is something others can’t imitate. For example, we want to be closer to the fans, so we think of various things.”-Ohno Satoshi

Me too, I have no intention to compete with overseas artists. I don’t have such rivalry sentiment. I feel strongly for how to entertain people who support us though.”-Aiba Masaki

“If someone asks, what’s from Japanese entertainment you can be proud of? Rather than us showing them this and this, maybe something that is pointed out by foreigners while telling us, "You should cherish this more”, is something we can be proud of.”-Ninomiya Kazunari

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