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Chicago Blackhawks 2016-17 Season Milestones Master List

As the season progresses, I’m going to keep a master list of all the milestones that are made.

Game 1 (vs St. Louis Blues 10.12.16)
- Ryan Hartman scores his 1st career NHL goal.

Game 3 (vs Nashville Predators 10.15.16)
- Nick Schmaltz scores his 1st career NHL goal.

- Richard Panik gets his 1st career hat trick.

Game 4 (vs Philadelphia Flyers 10.18.16)

- Marian Hossa scores his 500th career goal.

Game 5 (vs Columbus Blue Jackets 10.21.16)

-Tyler Motte scores his 1st career NHL goal.

Game 13 (vs Dallas Stars 11.06.16)

- Marian Hossa scores his 1,100 career point on his overtime game-winning goal

Game 16 (vs Montreal Canadiens 11.13.16)

- Gustav Forsling scores his 1st career NHL goal

Game 19 (vs Vancouver Canucks 11.19.16)

- Vinnie Hinostroza scores his 1st career NHL goal

Game 38 (vs Nashville Predators 12.29.16)

- Patrick Kane scores his 700th career point with the game-winning goal.

Game 39 (vs Carolina Hurricanes 12.30.16)

- Michal Kempny scores his 1st career NHL goal.

Game 43 (vs Nashville Predators 01.08.17)

- Ryan Hartman gets his first career hat trick

Game 41 (vs Buffalo Sabres 01.05.17)

- Keith notches his 400th assist on Anisimov’s goal

Game 47 (vs Colorado Avalanche 01.17,17)

- Hossa notches his 600th assist on Kero’s first goal

Game 49 (vs Vancouver Canucks 01.22.17)

- Campbell notches his 500th career point on the assist on Panik’s goal.

- Crawford notched his 200th career win

Game 56 (vs Winnipeg Jets 02.10.17)

- Patrick Kane passes Tony Amante for sole possession of 6th on the all-time Blackhawks list, and he becomes the team’s leading US-born goal scorer, scoring his 269th career goal

 - Marian Hossa and his 519th goal passes Dale Hawerchuck for sole possession of 36th on the all time NHL career goals list, and with his 20th goal of the season he becomes the 26th player in NHL history with 15 seasons with at least 20 goals

Game 58 (vs Edmonton Oilers 02.18.17)

- Toews notches his 600th career point with an assist on Panik’s goal.

Game 59 (vs Buffalo Sabres 02.19.17)

- Kruger notches his 100th career point with an assist on Hossa’s goal.
- Kane becomes the first US-born player to score 20 goals in his first 10 consecutive NHL seasons with this goal.

Game 60 (vs Minnesota Wild 02.21.17)

- Toews notches his 4th career hat trick

- Coach Q gets his 400th win with the Hawks
- With this win the Hawks tie a franchise record of winning 7 consecutive road games.

Game 61 (vs Arizona Coyotes 02.23.17)

- Kane nets his 3rd career hat trick

Game 62 (vs St. Louis Blues 02.26.17)

- Toews gets his 267th goal, tying him with Jeremy Roenick on the Blackhawks all-time scoring list.

- With an assist on Kane’s goal, Keith gets his 500th career NHL point.

Game 63 (vs Pittsburgh Penguins 03.01.17)

- Kane gets his 4th career hat trick - 2nd one in a week. (Becomes the 1st player to score 2 hat tricks in a 3-game span since 1991)

Game 65 (vs Nashville Predators 03.04.17)

- With 2 assists tonight, Seabrook notches his 400th NHL career point.
- Toews scores his 268th career NHL goal - tying with Tony Amonte for 7th in Blackhawks history.

- Jordin Tootoo scores his first goal and gets his first point as a Blackhawk

- Blackhawks set a new road win franchise record, winning 8 straight games on the road.

- Toews scores his 269th career goal with the empty net goal passing Tony Amonte and becomes the 7th on the Blackhawks all-time goal scoring list

Game 71 (vs Toronto Maple Leafs 03.18.17)

- John Hayden scores his 1st career NHL goal (in his second career game)

Game 72 (vs Colorado Avalanche 03.19.17)

- Toews & Kane become the 6th teammate duo in NHL history to both score 20+ goals in 10 consecutive seasons. (with Toews scoring his 19th and 20th goals)

- Hawks clinch their 2017 playoff berth with Calgary’s win over LA

Game 76 (vs Tampa Bay Lighting 03.27.17)

- Tomas Jurco scores his first goal as a Blackhawk

Game 78 (vs Columbus Blue Jackets 03.31.17)

- With a 3 assist night, Kane hits 750 career points
- With his secondary assist on Panarin’s power-play goal, Toews his the 350 mark in assists

April 1, 2017

- With the Minnesota Wild losing to Nashville (0-3), Hawks clinch top seed in the Western Conference. First time they’ve done it with an 82 game season. Last time they clinched the top seed was the lockout season (2012-13)

Game 80 (vs Colorado Avalanche 04.04.17)

- Artemi Panarin is the first playing in Blackhawks history to record back-to-back 30 goal seasons to start their career.


2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Round 1 Game 3 (vs Nashville Predators 04.17.17)

- Dennis Rasmussen scores 1st career playoff goal

- Patrick Kane scores his 50th career playoff goal

Hellllooooo. Today is one of my top faves.

This is Jamie Randolph Benn aka Chubbs. He is a 6’ 2” 27-year-old Canadian forward for the Dallas Stars who wears #14 and who is the current captain. Jamie was drafted 129th overall to the Stars in 2007 and finally made the roster for the 2010-’11 season and spent the seasons in between that playing for WHL team, Kelowna Rockets.

Since being drafted, Jamie has played for the Kelowna Rockets, Dallas Stars, Texas Stars (Dallas’s AHL affiliate), Hamburg Freezers (of the German Ice Hockey League - DEL, Deutsche Eishockey Liga) during the 2012-13 lockout, and then back to the Dallas Stars - in that order. On September 19, 2013, Jamie was named the 6th captain in franchise history. In the 2014-’15 season, Jamie led the league in scoring which earned him the Art Ross Trophy. Just this summer, he signed a contract extension with the Stars that is for 8 years and worth $76 million which is about $9.5 million a year.

Jamie has played for Team Canada in some international competitions. These would be IIHF World Junior Championships in 2009 (gold), IIHF World Championships in 2012 (5th), 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics (gold), and was selected for the 2016 World Cup of Hockey where Canada won gold, but he didn’t get to go to because of injury. Jamie initially wasn’t even part of the 2014 Olympic roster because he wasn’t invited to the Canadian team selection camp, but he really pushed himself and eventually made Team Canada after a stellar season leading up to the Olympics. He scored the game winning goal against Norway in their first game and their only goal against the United States to win 1-0 and to advance to the gold medal game. He has been voted to the NHL All-Star Game twice - in 2012 and in 2016.

Jamie is awkward and shy but also a force of nature. On the ice he has a presence and he’s a pretty big guy who is good at scoring goals and good at fighting. His best friends on the team are Tyler Seguin and his brother, Jordie (and probably in that order, too, if we’re being honest). He and Jordie have matching tattoos that say “brother” and full sleeve tattoos on opposite arms. Jamie and Seguin have an incredible bromance and their name is even Bennguin. It’s disgustingly cute. They always interview together (like on Step Brothers) and one time when Segs was injured and Jam was being interviewed the guy said, “Batman, where’s your Robin?” One time when Tyler was interviewing him he asked if Jamie could take any two people out to eat who would it be, and Jamie responded with “Derek Jeter and the Stars PR guy.” Goodbye. RIP me. And you know how Segs really loves J-Biebs? Well Jamie really loves Shania Twain and plays her all the time in the locker room.

Jamie’s got a very soft voice and people joke that he still hasn’t gone through puberty yet which is also furthered by the fact that he’s kind of awkward like a 10th grade boy who just learned how to talk to girls. Much like Tyler, Jamie is a tattooed softie. He is also a very good leader who is pretty good at getting people to chill tf out (see: Seguin). Jam really cares about his team and he wants them to do well. Every win he attributes to his team and his goalies, but every loss Jamie takes personally - especially last season when they were projected to be in the Cup Finals but got eliminated second round. Honestly, Jamie Benn deserves the Cup so much and I want him to win it soon. He tries very hard and he loves his team and friends and city and he wants to bring victory to Dallas.

Jamie has large doe eyes and occasionally in interviews he looks kind of like a deer in the headlights. There’s a compilation video of him either saying “um” or trying to think of an answer to a question with elevator music in the background and he keeps answers simple but effective and not fluffed out. Some tags I’ve seen for him: #as simple as he is beautiful, #eyes of a cow body of a refrigerator, and #elevator music. He owns a cat who may or may not be diabetic - I can’t remember if he confirmed it but his girlfriend named Katie (who is literally magical and wonderful and I want to be bffs with) liked a tweet about his diabetic cat. The only problematic thing this man has done that people can think of is one time he tweeted that he didn’t “bunch mox” aka go down on girls. But that doesn’t matter to me because I’m legit not trying to get with him/don’t even have a chance so I don’t care. Plus Katie seems pretty happy so it can’t be that bad, amirite?

Anywhom, Jamie also could have gone into baseball. It wasn’t until he realized that hockey could be a legitimate career that he started to solely focus on hockey. He didn’t even do actual hockey workouts until hockey was the only thing he was doing. He’s a big fan of Canada and Texas sports - like the Toronto Blue Jays, Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, and UT Longhorns. He’s very supportive of the Dallas community, and his charity of choice is the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. He’s also really good with kids because he basically is one too. He also REALLY loves Christmas. One of his ex-teammates (Jason Demers - now with the Florida Panthers) said that on the plane around Christmas time Jamie plays Christmas music, he one time spent a stupid amount of money for a Christmas tree, and he even has a train set that goes around his tree. He even proclaimed it as his favorite holiday and said his favorite Christmas movies are Elf, Polar Express, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Now I dare you not to imagine Jamie in awfully tacky Christmas pajamas singing the hot chocolate song.

More wolf bbs!

Sheena @kanerboo and I chatficced lots of wolf baby headcanons tonight, and here is what we decided:

  • Patrick gets pregnant again after the playoffs in 2012 and has LOCKOUT TWINS
  • One of the twins isn’t a wolf, and she feels kind of left out sometimes, but she and Jonny bond hard and he dotes on his little non-wolf because she needs him so much
  • They aren’t planning to have any more kids, because Patrick doesn’t want to miss hockey, but in the spring of 2014 he goes into heat on the road
  • He doesn’t do that very much, because he takes suppressants during the hockey season, and they’re caught off guard
  • Sharpy has to go out and get them emergency condoms
  • But they use all of those and Patrick’s heat hasn’t broken and he NEEDS JONNY and Jonny can’t possibly say no
  • The next morning they realize what they’ve done and think about a morning-after pill
  • But it’s unclear how well those work on omega wolves and anyway Patrick has really strong pro-pregnancy instincts and feels awful about the idea of undoing it if they’ve actually conceived
  • Six months later the quadruplets are born
  • They hire two nannies right after the triplets are born, these two women just out of college who don’t know each other to begin with
  • But then they fall in LOVE
  • And basically become part of the Kane-Toews family
  • Patrick and Jonny buy a huge house for all their bbs
  • The bbs don’t want their own rooms because they’re (mostly) wolves, so Patrick and Jonny knock down a couple of walls and build them a huge bedroom where they can all cuddle together
  • The quadruplets have their own room at first, but they don’t like not being with the others, so when they’re old enough they usually sneak in to sleep with the others
  • When the quadruplets are born, they think about hiring two more nannies (for their NINE KIDS) but they end up finding this one really energetic guy who’s also an omega wolf
  • He had seven younger siblings, so he’s like, four babies? That’s easy!
  • Also he becomes part of their pack
  • Like, they don’t realize that’s happening, but one day he says to Jonny, well, you’re my alpha, right?
  • And Jonny’s like ???!!!!?!?!?!
  • The omega dude really wants his own kids soon, so he might not be long-term with their family the way the women are, but he and his partner and kids will be part of their extended pack
  • Patrick gets a little jealous at first, having this other omega around, and so Jonny has to prove to him how much he’s the only omega for him
  • Repeatedly
  • (Also there’s a bond so he pretty much knows Jonny’s not interested in anyone else anyway)
  • OH AND HEAT Patrick goes off his suppressants in the summers, and he and Jonny can pretty much tell when they’re coming
  • So they drop off the kids with their grandparents or with the Sharps, because of course Sharpy insists on his turn
  • Maddy is a little overwhelmed at first, because there are these triplets who are a year older than her and turn into wolves, but she adjusts quickly
  • They’re really confused about why she can’t transform like they do, so they try to help her by licking her and snuffling at her concernedly
  • Meanwhile Jonny and Patrick are holed up with lots of supplies because Jonny looooves it when Patrick goes into heat
  • The bond makes him pretty sex-crazy, too, and gives him extra stamina
  • Sometimes he eats Patrick out between rounds, and there’s heavy use of dildos and fingers also
  • Each time Jonny tries to break the record for how many times Patrick can come in a day
  • Sharpy always makes a face when they show up all glowing and happy a few days later to get the kids
  • Jonny thinks it’s super hot how fertile Patrick is
  • And reassures him that he doesn’t find him less attractive after so many kids
  • Then after nine kids he has his Art Ross year and Jonny’s like SEE
  • So they have nine kids in this huge house with lesbian couple nannies and omega wolf manny
  • They have a HUGE backyard with a tennis court they flood in the winter to make an ice rink
  • There are so many kids that when they’re a little older they can form their own sports teams, basically, though all the neighborhood kids want to join in, too
  • When Jonny and Patrick are home they play with them all the time, and Jonny gets really competitive no matter what game it is
  • And they’re Jonny and Patrick’s kids, so most of them are pretty competitive, too
  • At some point Jonny and Patrick decide to get married
  • Like, they don’t really need to? Because wolf bond
  • But it makes sense for legal reasons, so they have a big wedding in their backyard in the summer of 2015, when the quadruplets are six months old
  • The older five kids and Maddy are all flower girls and groomsmen
  • Patrick has four bridesmaids: his three sisters and Sharpy
  • Jonny has David, Dan, Duncs, and Seabs as his groomsmen
  • The four of them match, and Sharpy’s suit matches the bridesmaids’ dresses
  • The quadruplets are tiny babies in formalwear in the arms of their grandparents and happy lesbian nannies
  • And they all live happily ever after.

And now I must get started on the lactation kink Sheena reminds me I owe her. :DDD

anonymous asked:

Help me understand the significance of Kaners mouth guard?? Lol this is such a weird question but everybody always seems to bring it up like "kaner and his mouth guard just hanging there" I is confused


Ever since I can remember, Kaner’s either been playing without a mouth guard, or with a mouth guard hangin’ out of his mouth. There are RARE moments when you actually see this kid with his mouth guard actually INSIDE HIS MOUTH PROTECTING HIS TEETH. But no, he lets it hang out like some kind of awkward appendage.

Now, a lot of hockey players let their mouth guards just chill out of their mouths like that, but Kaner was, like, the poster child for that kind of thing. Seriously. He was on billboards,

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Thank you for acting like hockey players and real men instead of toddlers & finally agreeing to bring back hockey. My day week month is complete….


Glorious hockey shall be played again!!!!