2012 hawkeye comic

Hawkeye (2012) #11

like out of all the characters in the mcu i feel like hawkeye is the one with the most wasted potential and characterization. like it’s already bad enough whedon squandered every opportunity for hawkeye’s personality to really shine, but then he did him an even greater disservice by giving the dude who drinks straight out of a coffee pot and is pretty much known to fuck up every single one of his romantic relationships a family??? with kids??? and responsibility??? not to mention the fact that everyone’s so busy giving tony stark all the witty one liners that the writing really tones down hawkeye’s comic relief to keep him from outshining tony for no good reason. also let’s not forget they’ve still conveniently left out the fact that he’s deaf and that’s actually a pretty big part of his character development.

at the very least i do like that the russo brothers managed to actually get the essence of his personality right in civil war (and it only took four movies if you count his appearance in thor as anything). i like theyre showing his mentor side in his relationship with wanda. i like they show he knows he’s the normal guy hanging out bunch of overpowered superheroes and he isn’t even the least bit phased by it. i like that he immediately jumps back into the fray when steve asks him to because try as he might hawkeye really just isn’t the kind of guy to just sit around and lead a normal life. i like they’re starting to show his blunt and honest personality, especially when he confronts tony on the raft. 

like clint was in a grand total of three scenes in civil war but i’m really hopeful the mcu is FINALLY taking his character in a good direction.