2012 has been a great year


@snuffes is a mad genius, and there is no arguing this fact. 

Somehow, she managed to distill the sprawling, ridiculous, dark, bloody, messy Gates of Summer into three perfect paintings – and I can’t stop looking at them. She captured so much energy and so much of this fic’s mythology and plot arcs in these paintings, and guys, my heart is just so full

I could look at these for hours, and keep noticing new details. The tiny hands in the right painting, April’s tears on the left, the Elsewhen family fading into nothing, how the Boar is almost showing its true form as it and Donnie race toward their confrontation – it’s all so amazing, and so fitting that I get to post these tonight, when the whole fic ends. I wish you guys could see it as one piece, because it’s even more striking and emotional that way. 

I’m honestly a bit teary, and I’m so damn happy and in love with every tiny piece of this masterpiece, but most of all I’m lucky to know @snuffes, who has been yelling at me for this fic for years now, and who shared her genius like this. 

So thank you, thank you, Snuffes! May these hurt everyone as much as they’ve hurt me! <3<3

Running Man Episode 340 Ratings

This weeks episode received a 7.4%, beating last week by one percent. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but for running man, it means everything. For the first time in 18 months or 79 episodes, RM has finally defeated a show in their same time slot. By a mere 0.3% differential, it managed to edge out Secretly, Greatly.

For 1N2D the past 20 episodes had an average rating of 18.0%, the highest 20-episode run by any Sunday show in 4 years. Running Man had an average rating of 18.1% across 20 episodes from December 23, 2012 to May 5, 2013.

Just wanted to show you guys how far the show has fallen since 2014. The lack of established PDs are shown throughout the last 2-3 years or so. And you can clearly see it in the episodes. 

But there is hope, most of the members week episodes have been doing great compared to the ones throughout 2016. Gary’s was the only one that had a significant drop but that was because of the new year, most families aren’t watching TV at the time. 

I know i got a reputation for being “negative” so i wanted to share this news with everybody. this is a really good sign. I’ve always said that if RM can maintain around 7-10% we will be in good shape. 

Let this be a good year for the Running Man crew and staff. Forget about past controversies and just move on. Try to make every episode like it’s the last. 

Thanos and the Chitauri Scepter

I have a minor problem with the 2012 movie, “THE AVENGERS”.  In the past five years, fans of the MCU movies have been aware that the Titan supervillain, Thanos, has been collecting all of the Infinity stones, including the Tesseract featured in this film.  And yet … Thanos handed over one of the stones - the Mind Stone set in a scepter - to Loki for the latter’s use during the Chitauri’s invasion of Earth.  Why would he do that?  Thanos is going through a great deal of trouble to get his hands on the Infinity stones.  Why would he hand over the only stone - even temporarily - he had in his possession?  That makes no sense to me.  If I had been Thanos, I would have kept that stone close to me, no matter what.


Reclaiming Fitspo: Rin Nakai

Rin Nakai is a 29 year old MMA fighter. Born in Matsuyama, Japan, she demonstrated great skill in judo as a high schooler. Young Nakai earned a black belt and won 3rd place in the Judo National competition & 5th place in the Junior High tournament. She started to branch out from judo and professionally train for fighting when she was 19 years old. This was when she first met her coach, Fumio “Wild” Usami.

Nakai has been a pro MMA fighter since 2006 and debuted in the UFC in 2014. She holds wins over Sarah D’Alelio and Tara LaRosa, was the 2010 Valkyrie Absolute Champion, and was the 2012 Pancrase Bantamweight Champion. 

Standing at 5′1″, Nakai is a bantamweight fighter with a 60" reach.

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Gravity Falls fandom things (2012 - 2016)

some gravity falls fandom things no one probably remembers except me beacuse I’ve been in this fandom for like six years. (I wanted to make a list)

- everyone is actually Bill theories
- all these goddamn AU’s

- Everyone calling Bill “triangle guy” before his name was officially announced
- “Stan is the demon!” “Mabel has a secret twin!” “Robbie is actually a zombie!”
- the great Billdip War of 2015

- “The handy man is smarter than he seems” everyone: IS SOOS BILL?????
- Goggles GUY!!! (Blendin in the background of early episodes)
- Alex: Dipper isn’t Dipper’s real name…. Fandom: *screams for three years*

- The mystery trio and how upset we were when it turned out to be not canon even everyone in the fandom was convinced it was 100% canon
- People tagging gore stuff “depravity falls”

- *Wendy gains character development* fandom freaks out
- The Bipper Craze™
- Bill Cipher’s 2015 AMA

- “idk Stan having a twin we’ve never heard about is kinda a stretch :/”

- GIDEON REDEMTION YE BOIS (all the anti Gideon fans yelling in the background)
- the 3ds gravity falls game
- the NWHS countdown and Alex putting up the fucking Kerprank image

Feel free to add on I’m trying to relive six years of being in this fandom

I hear a lot of people complaining about the hype around YOI having a canon gay couple…. saying things like remember No.6 and NGE.
Those anime were great and they haven’t been forgotten, but it has been years since then. No.6 was 2011, the latest NGE film was 2012, thats 4 years! Its almost as if everytime we get a canon gay character or trans character its a new and exciting thing for us. Almost as if we need to remind the world we exist…

I remember Haruchika had a gay character but still many people denied it, and even that feels forgotten about.

Not many people know about wandering son, an amazing anime/manga with a trans girl who is in a gay relationship with another girl (manga)
I know there are many others too.

But with YOI its a sports anime, an anime where you don’t really expect to see any romance develop anyway, let alone a gay couple. Its an anime that has built up a huge fandom and lived up to its expectations, and delivered an amazing and beautiful story with a healthy relationship built on trust and mutual respect.
So yes, we are going to be excited about. Yes it feels completely new when you have to wait years between anime to actually see a healthy lgbt relationship.
No.6 will always be one of my favourites but YOI being popular is a good thing, it will encourage anime to actually start developing those relationships between characters instead of queer baiting.

Also please stop trying to label it as BL or yaoi, do you label every film or anime with a straight couple a romance or hentai? No, BL and yaoi tend to be aimed at girls and whilst there are some good ones, many do not depict healthy relationships between two men.

Embrace what YOI is doing for the lgbt community, its a step forward, especially when some parts of the world seem to be going backwards on their views of us. For a country like Japan, where being gay is sometimes seen as a joke or a fetish, canon lgbt characters are a small step in changing those attitudes.

If we want to see more of this then we need to support YOI, anime does not make a lot of money. In many ways MAPPA risks losing some of its audience by showing a gay couple due to homophobia, but they’ve done it despite that risk and I have the utmost respect for them. Especially with how tastefully they have done it. Please support YOI in any way you can.

Sorry that got kinda long…

So ive been reading a great wholock fic, cant remember the name right now (Of time lords and men) but it has +40k words and 8 chapters…. so far i ve just finished chapter 5.

The only thing is johns traveling through time with the doctor and occasionaly meeting sherlock….the only thing is sherlocks not had johns first visit yet and all im thinking, all im praying is that thw author didnt fully follow throught with the doctor who references and didnt include the “your future is my past, your firsts are my lasts” part so the last time sherlock sees john is the first time john sees him (fyi its after TRF so on johns first visit to sherlock he punches him)


one gifset per appearance → st. andrew’s school, pangbourne (30/11/2012)

The Duchess of Cambridge paid a visit to her old preparatory school in Pangbourne, Berkshire for St. Andrew’s Day. She officially opened a new astroturf pitch, and played hockey with some pupils. She also made a speech during which she recalled her happy days at the school and spoke of how she once wanted to be a teacher there. She also told children aged two to six of how she and sister Pippa were nicknamed Pip and Squeak  - and gave their pet guinea pigs the same names. The Duchess attended the school from 1986 until 1995, and during that time she is said to have won many awards in both music and sport. She was a popular student, excelling at almost every form of sport including hockey, tennis, swimming, netball and rounders. She sang in the choir, played the recorder and then the flute in the school orchestra. She also took part in school dramas, playing Prince Charming in Cinderella and Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. It was said that as well as the high jump record she set in 1995, she was the leading goal scorer for the hockey team of which she was captain, and still held the joint record for the 4x100 m relay. Deputy head Paul Outram said that the high jump record had been steadily going up since the school got a high jump mat a few years earlier. “She broke it by a good margin and it has not been beaten since.” Mr Outram, who has been at the school for 30 years, said of her as a student: “She was charming and co-operative, amenable and hard working. Everything you want in a girl pupil. She was cheerful, affable and enjoyed games very much. And she enjoyed lessons and was good friends with everybody. She was a really great pupil.” She was captain of the school’s hockey team in her final year.

Writer’s Block (or something.. Lol)

Hey everyone,

As a person who use to write every thursday and post a new chap, I have had this writer’s block for about two years now. (its pretty horrible) And I’ve been trying to get back to my writing (especially since now fanfiction BARELY has TMNT fanfic stories these days, it use to shower us with great stories.) and I failed miserably. Does anyone have any advice or help to give me? I really wish to go back to writing… Help?

New Story Details for Ryu Ga Gotoku 6!

We’ve finally learned the setup to Yakuza 6. Thanks to Siliconera for translating the full story text we get to finally see what the cast has been up to the last few years.

Year 2012, Beyond Battle and Dreams

The year is 2012 on a snowy night. In front of tens of thousands of fans in a sold-out live concert venue, a single girl makes a confession.

“I am part of Kazuma Kiryu’s family.”

That was the moment when one idol, one person, declared her true dreams.

During this time, Kazuma Kiryu, “The Dragon of the Dojima Family,” had just settled from the great conflict that involved five Japanese cities.

In the midst of the falling snow, Kiryu and Haruka reunite. Calm and quiet days were expected to come after that, but…

The Unforgiven

After the great conflict, Kiryu was determined to clean his act in order to go live with Haruka and the children at the Sunshine Orphanage in Okinawa. With a prison term of three years, that was a required compensation in order to acquire happiness. However, during the margin of “empty time,” their lives went out of order.

Haruka retired from the entertainment world in shocking fashion. The public reacted more severely than expected. Haruka faced slander day and night. The attacks based on the public’s interest have even reached the children at the Sunshine Orphanage. A lonely Haruka faced the realities from her naivety.

Year 2016, Start of the Incident

The year 2016 had come along. Kiryu’s prison term had ended, and he learned about the cruel reality from the children of the orphanage. And the disappearance of Haruka. In fear of bringing negative influence to the children of the Sunshine Orphanage, she had vanished without a trace.

The situation that couldn’t be predicted, and he wasn’t by her side. Kiryu, who had returned to Okinawa suffered in shame.

Haruka’s Accident

In search of Haruka’s whereabouts, Kiryu headed to Kamurocho, Tokyo; however, even after getting help from an old friend, he wasn’t able to find any clues.

Kiryu was at a loss, until he received a call from detective Date. He was told that Haruka was involved in a traffic accident and was in a coma… a situation that he found unbelievable.

To the Land of Hiroshima

Kiryu watched over the passed out Haruka in the patient’s room. During this time, it is revealed that Haruka visited Hiroshima during the time of her disappearance. An old town located on the eastside of Hiroshima, Onomichi Jingaicho. This is home to an independent organization called the Himei Alliance, that not even the two major powers of Tojo Clan and Omi Alliance could touch.

To Kiryu, the place is untrodden grounds that not even the Tojo Clan could reach. Exactly what was Haruka doing in Hiroshima? Was her accident really just an accident? Ready to face danger, Kiryu steps foot into Onomichi Jingaicho of Hiroshima, a town with a unique ambience where simple street smarts won’t be enough, and residents that seem to be hiding something.

Why did Haruka come to this town, what happened to her during Kiryu’s “empty time,” and one more shocking revelation behind Haruka’s accident. Various mysteries await, as Kiryu takes his step into unknown lands.

'I WANT TO HAVE A BABY WITH A GIRL MATE' Radio One’s Nick Grimshaw talks being broody, hating dating and embracing his thirties

Grimmy is one of the UK’s most eligible gay bachelors and the definition of great company, but the radio host reveals finding love isn’t as easy as it seems [x]

BY NATALIE EDWARDS 23rd October 2016, 12:15 am

NICK Grimshaw looks smitten as he cradles a small and sleepy bundle of joy in his arms.

“It’s like he’s my baby,” Nick proudly grins as he strokes his four-month-old pug-mix pup.

The Radio 1 Breakfast Show presenter, AKA Grimmy, is definitely getting a taste of fatherhood behind the scenes of his shoot today – he’s constantly chasing after the aptly named Stinky Blob – a rescue pup from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home – who’s leaving puddles of wee everywhere, and apologising for his, erm, wind issues.

It’s good practice for parenthood, which is handy, as Nick, 32, admits he’s definitely feeling broody.

“I love kids and all my friends are starting to have kids. I also have nieces and nephews. I think I would like to have a little gayby [a baby with same-sex parents],” he smiles.

“Or I would like to have a baby with one of my girl friends. I haven’t discussed it with them yet, but I would quite like it.

“I looked after one of my friend’s kids last week and it was full-on. It was a lot looking after two dogs, a kid and trying to do some work.”

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New 400-meter world record holder Wayde van Niekerk is coached by a great-grandmother

On Sunday evening, Olympic spectators watched in awe as South Africa’s Wayde van Niekerk smashed Michael Johnson’s 17-year-old world record to win the 400-meter dash in Rio de Janeiro.

The cheers were resounding — it’s not every day someone runs the 400 in 43.03 seconds, after all — but the most adorable reaction by far came from 74-year-old Anna Botha. Botha is van Niekerk’s trainer. The great-grandmother has been coaching the 24-year-old since 2012, when she helped him recover from a series of injuries.

Since the two teamed up, van Niekerk’s achievements have racked up dramatically. In 2016 alone, he had the versatile distinction of running the 100-meter dash in under 10 seconds; the 200-meter dash in under 20 seconds; and the 400-meter dash in under 44 seconds. Now, Niekerk is opening up about the personal impact that Botha has had on his athletic abilities and identity.

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The Nashville Predators’ captain, Shea Weber, has a granite grip, while his defense partner Roman Josi lends an elegant touch with just a hint of firmness. Two very different styles in the postgame handshake line. One very big problem for opponents on the ice.
Defenseman Cam Fowler, who locked hands with Weber, Josi and the rest of the Predators after they eliminated his Anaheim Ducks in seven games on Wednesday, had this to say about the challenges of facing the tandem: “Josi plays hard and he competes, but he’s more positional, using his stick and his skating. Weber’s the big body, the bruiser, the guy that can make you pay.”
Josi and Weber put their contrasting but complementary styles on display again Friday in Game 1 of their Western Conference semifinal series against the San Jose Sharks, a 5-2 loss. In the first round against Anaheim, Weber tied for the team lead in points, Josi finished right behind him, and both players continued to lead the Predators in ice time. They fell just short of becoming the third pair of defensemen in N.H.L. history to finish first and second on their team in scoring during the regular season.
Josi and Weber skate together at even strength, where they make plays consistently all over the ice; on the penalty kill, where Weber’s strength and Josi’s range are on full display; and on the power play, where Josi’s mobility creates space for Weber’s booming slap shot, almost unanimously considered the hardest in the N.H.L.
“They are pretty much our backbone,” said Nashville goalie Pekka Rinne, who is second to Weber in seniority on the roster. “They eat up a lot of minutes, and they do a great job both ways, offensively and defensively. The last two years, Roman really made a name for himself. This year, he had 60 points. Shea has been an all-star in this league for years now.”
The marriage of Weber and Josi on the blue line was forged from a bit of calamity. The Predators and General Manager David Poile were troubled by the departure of Ryan Suter, Weber’s longtime defensive partner, who signed as a free agent with the Minnesota Wild in 2012. They experimented with different fits for Weber. An initial trial with Josi lasted just five games.
“He was playing with Suts for a lot of years, so to play with a new partner takes some time,” Josi said. “It was my second year in the league. There were still a lot of things I could learn and do better.”
Their reunion proved fruitful for the Predators, who this season saw the pair combine for 112 points, a league best for an actual tandem. They finished behind only San Jose’s Brent Burns and Marc Édouard Vlasic, whose 114 points were tops for two defensemen on the same team.
Josi, a stylish Swiss player who conducts postgame interviews in multiple languages, said that Weber, a rough-and-tumble Western Canadian, had become not only a mentor to him at the rink but also one of his good friends away from it. He lauded Weber’s leadership by example in terms of his preparation, attention to detail and consistent performance.
Weber said Josi brought a unique dimension as a partner who could carve out room for him while providing a scoring threat of his own. He also said it was a pleasure to see Josi develop over time and that their personal relationship strengthened the chemistry between them.
“It’s a nice thing to have,” Weber said. “You get to know each other out there, and you know what each other are doing beforehand.”
Their complementary games have raised the Predators’ sights under Coach Peter Laviolette. He took over before last season after Nashville parted ways with Barry Trotz, who had been the only coach in franchise history. Weber and Josi were both in the top 10 in average time on ice this season. The Predators’ play-by-play announcer Willie Daunic also noted on NHL.com that the quality of the opponents they matched up with was near the top of the league, that they were frequently deployed on defensive-zone face-offs and that they often played behind defensive-minded, bottom-six forwards.
“They are always drawing a heavy assignment out there,” Laviolette said. “It’s never an easy job. They feed off of each other.”
Facing Game 2 on Sunday, the Predators now look to advance to the conference finals for the first time. Forward Colin Wilson had a redemptive series, tying Weber with 5 points after a disappointing regular season. Wing James Neal provided a threat on offense, as did the midseason acquisition Ryan Johansen, whom the Predators received in exchange for the promising young defenseman Seth Jones. Still, they scored 14 goals in seven games, including an empty-netter, meaning they had to lean heavily on Rinne and a deep defensive corps.
“Every time they’re out on the ice, they’re difference makers, making an impact each and every shift,” Johansen said. “Between the two of them, they have so many different assets. If we’re successful, they’re going to be two of the guys we look at to carry a lot of the load.”

Have you guys ever noticed that Michael Clifford has had relatively the same haircut for, like, his entire life?? 

Worry not, I have proof

First off, what is he, like 8??? It started that early

Next, is 2011 Michael. 15 years old and rockin’ the same exact fringe.

((And just because 15 year old Michael was great, here’s example number two.))

Amazing, NEXT. 2012 Michael.

Look he just flips sides with his lil fringe. ANYWAY, 2013 Michael. The glory days. 


Anyway, 2014 Michael.


Okay and just for comparison, here a picture of 2013 Luke

and 2015 Luke

2013 Calum

and 2015 Calum

actually he just cut his hair so here’s another one

Aaaaanndd 2013 Ashton

and 2015 Ashton

And look at that, THEY ALL CHANGED HAIR STYLES. Except Michael’s.

This has been an Official Public Service Announcement from Expose Michael United 

Inukii the Shiba Inu has been a fan favorite for years, and one of the very first plush Tasty Peach Studios has ever made! In 2012-2013 we finalized the prototypes. This plush is the FINALIZED prototype for Inukii! We are auctioning him off to a great new home! Tag is signed by the artist! This plush has been RETIRED since mid 2014, and no longer available!

You can bid here to bring home this adorable pup!

so i dont have anything cool planned for teen top’s 5th anniversary, but i’m still gonna try because they mean a lot to me c: and because i always have an urge to talk about how great teen top is. teen top’s been a really big part of my life since 2012. ive honestly grown out of kpop, but never out of teen top so i guess that says a lot. im pretty sure my love for them has grown even stronger in just 3 short years of being a fan and it has been an absolute pleasure to watch them grow as artists with every comeback. even though their comebacks are quite rare, the boys always exceed my expectations far and beyond. but amazing comebacks, talent and near perfect stage presence alone is not why teen top is so wonderful. these boys are one of the most hard working, beautiful, genuine, funny and down to earth group of people i know. debuting at such a young age i’m sure wasn’t easy, but i think they’ve done an outstanding job at staying true to themselves and enduring through it all together for 5 whole years. i truly love them for each of their personalities, flaws, and the young men they’ve become. they’ve always been amazing in everything they pursue, whether it’s performing, acting or being in the public eye… but they’ve always done it admirably for the right reasons; to make themselves, their fellow members, families, and their fans happy. and for that i respect them as idols and i’m so proud to call myself an Angel. teen top has never tried to be something they’re not, and they never created fake personas or this cookie cutter image to try and impress others. just by being themselves is enough for their fans and myself and i think that’s all we can ask for. if they ever mention they’re tired, they humbly realize its for their fans and calmly respond “we endure”. after that article came out in 2014 ive never felt more sad, yet proud to know that teen top are just humbled human beings that work incredibly hard with steadfast hearts. they literally don’t care what people think about them, as long as they’re doing what they love to do while being true to themselves and their Angels… and i hope everyone can respect teen top for that. i know my fangirl life won’t last forever, but i cant help but feel that teen top will always and forever have a special place in my heart. each and every one of them to me are literal rays of sunshine on a rainy day, just with a simple smile… and for that, i’m so grateful and will forever love and support teen top as a group and as individuals. thank you teen top for being you; nothing more and nothing less. thank you for being a source of happiness and bliss for your Angels. thank you for making us oblivious to any sadness and darkness in our lives when we look to you and your music, even if it’s only for a few moments. i only hope our support as fans has brought the six of you happiness in return as all of you rightfully deserve. i hope you never let anyone take your passion for music and happiness away. i hope you never take each other for granted and always stay the six weird, crazy, embarrassing and humble boys that you’ve always been. thank you for all the music, all the smiles, all the laughs, all the  tears, all the memories and all the joy that will make an everlasting impression on many lives, including mine. congratulations on 5 amazing years together; cap, chunji, ljoe, niel, ricky and changjo; my precious ot6. i love you all and wish us many more years of happiness with #TEEN5ONTOP! ♡


Maleficent, and why Hollywood doesn't get fairy-tales

Now, before I make my first key point I want to make one thing clear: Maleficent was fun. It was incredibly flawed in almost every respect, but it had good elements (Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning, in particular) and I’m glad I saw it.

However, it made me realize something important: Hollywood needs to stop trying to adapt fairy-tales until it learns to understand them.

There has been a proliferation of fairy tale/whimsical fantasy movies in recent years, including (but not limited to) Snow White and the Huntsman (2012), Mirror Mirror (2012), Red Riding Hood (2011), Oz The Great and Powerful (2013) and Alice in Wonderland (2010). All of them have been variable shades of bad, and in my opinion there is a clear reason for that: all of them, without exception, over explain.

These films all treat the viewer like a brain-dead child who needs to have their hand held, and they all try to tell a ‘logical’ (I use that word loosely) story that draws superficially from a fairy-tale or a well-established fantasy story. By throwing in numerous superfluous elements (generally battles for a crown, complete with literal LOTR-style warfare etc. etc.), these films have only succeeded in making once powerful and memorable stories bland and forgettable.

Let’s take Maleficent as a case study. The film has been trumpeted as a 'dark’ take on Disney’s Sleeping Beauty which adds depth and complexity to the most famous villain in the House of Mouse’s history. Instead of adding complexity, it creates a painfully simplistic and generic back-story (fairyland = good, men = bad) and suggests that Maleficent is only 'bad’ because she was betrayed by a loser. As it turns out, the film is patently terrified of having Maleficent display any kind of 'evil’ behaviour at all; she curses baby Aurora, sure, but regrets doing so almost instantly. Even worse, she doesn’t curse Aurora to death (as she does in the fairy-tale and even in the 'U’ certificate Disney film) only a positively innocuous “sleep like death”. The character cannot be described as evil in any sense of the word, and is simply 'misunderstood’ (a label Hollywood is extremely fond of applying to female former villains in its fairy tale adaptations/re-imaginings). Ironically, the film’s attempts to make Maleficent complex only succeed in making her bland.

Now, I’m not saying they should have made Maleficent 100% evil ™ and entirely irredeemable - there is a middle-ground, which is perhaps best embodied by Loki from the Thor movies. Loki does many evil things, but he has great fun with his tricks and isn’t repentant or ashamed of what he is. Equally, you understand why he’s malevolent and even feel sympathy for him. By striking this balance, the Thor movies succeed in creating a villainous character that the audience, perhaps despite themselves, can actually root for. If we have to have a 'misunderstood fairy-tale villain’ movie, why can’t the said villain be presented more like that?

Essentially, Maleficent misses the point and fails to understand what made the character memorable in the first place - she was evil, and she revelled in it. The moments in the film where Maleficent tricked characters or meddled with their lives just for the fun of it were, by far, its best.

Now, I’m sure that some people are confused. I’m criticising fairy-tale films for their simplicity, but surely the 'original’ fairy-tales they’re based on are the most simplistic stories you can get, right? Well, yes and no. Fairy-tales are simple, sure, but more importantly they’re evocative. They contain archetypes and follow stiff formulas, and we understand them and their plots primarily because fairy-tales are embedded in the collective consciousness. They are strange and often illogical, but we can accept that because we understand that they don’t take place in our reality; if they have a reality, it’s a psychological one shaped by our most primal fears and desires. This is why most of the Disney fairy-tale films work; they are simple, and they aren’t ashamed of that. But simplicity shouldn’t be confused with childishness or a lack of substance. By leaving gaps and allowing the viewer to imagine, successful fairy-tale films linger in the mind and subsequently remain interesting. The Company of Wolves (1984), Labyrinth (1986) and Blancanieves (2012) (which is, by the way, head and shoulders above all of the afore-mentioned modern fairy-tale films) don’t feature epic wars or warrior princesses, but that’s because they don’t need them; they are confident about what they are and continue to appeal because they are strange and resonant in the manner of the best stories.

To sum up: Maleficent is superficially enjoyable, but is only propped up by the mighty planes of Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones. Next year, it will be forgotten. It’s a sad waste of potential.

HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY to my fave (and yours) Liam Payne!! This year, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite moments of his 21st year. Enjoy and cry with me!

1.When Liam took my phone. And blessed me with selfies.

2. This look. Clark Kent realness. Let the glasses thing become a little more permanent.

3. THIS NIAM video. Look at him. What a great birthday present.

 4. Steal my girl. Liam’s wonky cast has been immortalized in a video. The drum major look was great tho.

5. Terrifyingly accurate Joker costume. Liam slayed Halloween again by sticking with what he knows best. BATMAN.

6. Um…this freaky return of 2012/2013 Liam is one for the books. I’ll never unsee it or get over it.

 7. YES. This remix (as well as the ones for 1D and his other work with producers) opened up yet another aspect of Liam’s talent that needs to be further explored. He saved the hell out of this song, and I’m so mad it wasn’t realeased as a single. I honestly can’t wait to hear him do more of this stuff as well.


9. I was in a drive thru for In-n-out and this picture happened. I’m certain that drive thru employee suffered some hearing damage that night. I’m so sorry.

10. Remember when Liam got tired of Lou doing whatever she was doing to his hair last year, and went off to find someone else to bring back his baby curls? If you don’t, HERE IT IS AGAIN:

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Happy new year~

Have some greetings from Cambodia- uhm, i mean, SEAUn ;D
may your following year be filled with colors~!

Hereby i just wanted to say thank you everyone for staying with me in 2015. Throughout said year I have been receiving the greatest amount of attention to my work as an artist than what I had ever gotten within the previous years, and that alone has been a great accomplishment that filled me with joy. PP has been my favorite series since the airing of S1 in 2012, and I have loved this ship ever since, so i had a lot of fun drawing them!

Stay tuned for more of my works in 2016!

See you!