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The year in Yuri on Ice

Okay, so I wanted to know what the year in Yuri on Ice is. It felt like everyone is just assuming that it would be the current 16/17 season, but while we got several information on the month, we never got the year.

And as it turns out, it’s not 2016.

In the first episode we saw the results of Yuuri’s last Grand Prix Final.

Notice the logo at the top of the results?

It looks like the one from the GPF 2012 in Sochi, only mirror-inverted.

Then, in the latest episode we got another small explanation/recap how the Grand Prix Series works. And we get this logo of the current season:

And this is the logo of the GPF 2013:

Which doesn’t just look like the one in Yuri on Ice, it is the same exact one.

So, Yuri on Ice seems to be set during the 2013/2014 season. It also matches the order of the Cups. The events are not always in the same order, but in 2013 it was this:

  • 2013 Skate America: October  18–20
  • 2013 Skate  Canada: October  25–27
  • 2013 Cup of China: November  1–3
  • 2013 NHK Trophy: November  8–10
  • 2013 Trophée de France: November  15–17
  • 2013 Rostelecom Cup: November  22–24

I guess we could safely assume that this is the time frame for the Cups in the anime too. We didn’t get the date of the Cup of China in the anime, but this means, episode 6 is happening in the beginning of November.

(Edit: Thank you @lazuliblade for the reblog with all the added information. Everyone, check out this reblog for more timeline tidbits.)

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Could you pretty please make a list of clean performances by yuzu? If it's not too much trouble! If it is, then it's fine! Thanks though!

  • 2010 Junior Worlds - both SP and LP
  • Skate America 2012 - SP
  • NHK 2012 - SP
  • GPF 2013 - SP
  • Sochi 2014 - SP
  • NHK 2015 - both SP and LP
  • GPF 2015 - both SP and LP
  • Worlds 2016 - SP
  • Worlds 2017 - LP

Those are pretty much perfect programs, with positive GOEs (JWC flip aside I think)…


  • Japanese Nationals 2012 - SP
  • Japanese Nationals 2013 - SP (look at PW being boss over and over again lol)

I haven’t included performances with popped jumps *WTT 2015 LP is not there because of 3T* (otherwise the list would be endless, if you want some good ones watch 4CC 2017 :P) and the ones with negative GOEs I think. I haven’t checked all protocols tho. If someone replies with other mentions the list will be updated. I just did without checking anything so…

“If you cannot do it, practice until you can do it.”

“If you can do it, then practice till you can do it perfectly.”

“If you can do it perfectly, then practice until you can do it perfectly every time”

- Yuzuru Hanyu

Yuzuru’s Evolution of the Quadruple Salchow.  Who would have thought that the nightmare jump at the Olympics would turn into his money jump!

GIF Credits:

1st: sorry, I couldn’t find the owner, please tell me (Skate America 2012)

2nd: @anniesgifs​ (GPF 2014)

3rd: @yuzu-of-the-opera (NHK Trophy 2015)



Video by Elena C.

Yuzuru’s best competitive performances (my edition)

Or the competitive performances he did that I love rewatching over and over again

1) When he was 15 years old

His short program at Junior World Championship 2010: https://youtu.be/ilCUEsKTqwk

His long program at Junior World Championship which helped him win the whole event overall: https://youtu.be/q6bTUsWZ8PA

2) When he was 16 years old

His short program White Legend at 4CC 2011: https://youtu.be/7KPon1zhlLI

Let’s not talk about the long program of this season ok, the strawberry costume still give me nightmares. I love you Johnny Weir, but that design killed me.

3) When Yuzuru was 17 years old

His short program at World Championship 2012, he made a mistake but the performance was still amazing. His spins were beautiful: https://youtu.be/fDXYtLQpyV4

His legendary long program at World Championship 2012 which helped him win the bronze. He was badly injured in the ankle at this point: https://youtu.be/i0bCvXHtzx4

4) When Yuzuru was 18 years old

His long program at World Championship 2013 when he only had one week to practice because of the horrible flu and injury. That was also the time he graduated from high school: https://youtu.be/3A2Fk32p_K0 

A better performance at GPF 2012 when he won the silver (but was sick badly right after that and had to pull away from the gala): https://youtu.be/6DzUd_RF6Jk

5) When Yuzuru was 19 years old

His winning short program at Sochi Olympic, of course: https://youtu.be/Bk6qrBrqAqo

His winning long program at World Championships 2014 (that costume and that hair though, I don’t know should I laugh or cry): https://youtu.be/wY8Mgou0-AI

I NEVER rewatch this performance but it has such huge impact on me it must be on the list. The performance when he fell 5 times because of the crazy collision with Han Han (poor both of them, crying): https://youtu.be/dGQqF8CoqMk

6) When Yuzuru was 20 years old

His short program at GPF 2014, he fell but it was a great performance, a light after a dark tunnel (from the horrible collision to the horrible NHK): https://youtu.be/Fv6jgRhh8W4

His winning long program at GPF 2014, again he still fell but that was the first time he landed an amazing quad Salchow. Right in this video, the commentator called him “the real deal” and “the greatest skater of all time”: https://youtu.be/Ytli7eJsVKM

His only no fall long program of that horrible season which was rigged with injuries, collision, and surgery. Personally I don’t like music from The phantom of the opera, but Yuzuru put so much effort it in. It’s a good program: https://youtu.be/0Zi4HoVXAL8

7) When Yuzuru was 21 years old

His new world record for short program at GPF 2015, he reused the Chopin short program but put two quads in it, he increased the difficulty compared to the previous season: https://youtu.be/USLUuaw0ZDU

His best performance of the Seimei long program at NHK 2015. This music was written by a Japanese composer about a famous person lived in the 10th century: https://youtu.be/0j07i-cqZgg

Here was Yuzuru with a great skate when he beat his own world record just 2 weeks later. Please notice that Yuzuru skated last after all his rivals who did have great skate as well. So this means a lot to his fans and to people, as Yuzuru has good mentality he isn’t pressed by his rivals’ good performance: https://youtu.be/WfcDb6rswWY

8) When Yuzuru is 22 years old (the current season)

His short program at GPF 2016 which helped him win the event for the 4th time. He has a new quad, the quad Loop, and he changed the combo 4T3T into 4S3T. The program layout is completely new to him, but he still did well enough: https://youtu.be/08m9CebBBF4  

HIs long program at World Championship 2017, hope and legacy means a lot to Yuzuru. The music was written by Joe Hisaishi, the famous composer for Ghibli studio. Yuzuru doesn’t use the most famous songs by Joe Hisaishi though. He says this is the program he can smile and be happy during his performance: https://youtu.be/yZxDCfgVfTc

Photo credits: Most of them are in the photos

NEXT post: My favorite exhibition programs from Yuzuru. http://chibura.tumblr.com/post/155025663990/yuzurus-exhibition-performances-my-favorite

This is a list of my favorite figure skating videos from everything I’ve watched in the last 72 hours. For amanda @victuuriplease who asked but also for everyone because these are a gift to humanity

Johhny Weir - Poker Face

Johnny Weir - Born this way

Johnny Weir - Beyonce medley

Johnny weir - Bad romance

Johnny Weir - 2010 Olympic FS

Johnny Weir - Just dance

Johnny Weir - Carmen

Johnny Weir - Human

Stephane Lambiel - Don’t stop the music

Stephane Lambiel - Death of a bachelor

Stephane Lambiel - Paint it black

Stephane Lambiel - Billie Jean

Stephane Lambiel - Bring me to life

Stephane Lambiel - Poeta

Stephane Lambiel - Take me to church

Daisuke Takahashi - 2012 GPF SP 

Daisuke Takahashi - 2010 Olympics SP

Daisuke Takahashi - 2010 Worlds SP

Daisuke Takahashi - 2007 Worlds FS

Daisuke Takahashi - 2008 Four Continents SP

Victor Nikiforov’s Competive Skating Career... Where do we go from Weir?

Some insights into Victor’s Skating Career because Kubo-san is the best and follows the IRL Skating schedules and events.  *See previous meta post!*

At the age of 16, Victor wins Gold at the Junior World championships in Bulgaria : 

If we look at the schedule of events below, and using the information we already have that ages Victor at 27 in 2014, this lines up perfectly with the 2001 Junior World Championships in 2001. 

I think the timing is important and it’s no coincidence that Victor and Johnny Weir have a lot in common. I’m not sure where I saw the information, but I remember seeing something about Kubo-san admitting to using Johnny Weir as inspiration for Victor’s skating career. 

1) Weir is openly gay (The English Dub version has Victor talking about ‘lovers’, not specifically girlfriends, and it is suggested that the proper interpretation of the Japanese Victor uses suggests non-gender specific terms such as ‘lover’. So he could easily be Bi, too but I think the hints are pretty strong for Victor’s sexuality to lean more toward strictly attracted to males. Whatever the truth may be, he’s got his heart set on Yuuri in the end.) 

2) Both Victor and Weir won gold at the Junior World Championships at the age of 16. 

3) Weir was praised for bringing ‘flash’ into a sport that was seen as boring - and was further praised for his artistry and interpretation. He was the rock-star on ice of his time, like Victor is in YOI. 

4) Weir was a self professed Russiophile and learned to speak the language fluently. He dated and married (and eventually divorced) a Russian named… take a while guess. That’s right! Victor. In addition, later in his career he was coached by Victor Petrenkov, the world renowned skater and partner to Weir’s skating Idol, Oksana Baiul. It’s no mistake our boy is named Victor, and not just because it means ‘winner’. 

5) Weir participated in the 2014 Sochi Olympics and we can infer through the clues left by Kubo-san that Victor did, too. 

  • Victor competed in and won the 2012-2013 season Grand Prix Final, where Yuuri had qualified for the GPF for the first time in Sochi. The Sochi GPF was a test event for the Sochi Olympics and was held from Dec 5-8, 2013. 2012
  • The Sochi Winter Olympics were held Feb. 7-23, 2014 only a few months later. 
  • We see Victor wearing the Sochi Winter Olympics Uniform during the 2012-2013 GPF in Sochi, so we can infer that he was on the Olympic Athletic Team warming up for the 2014 Sochi Olympics. His wearing the Uniform was a big publicity stunt and advertisement for the 2014 Sochi Olympics. 

I think there is little doubt that he actually participated in the Olympics. 

If we take all the information we have - Victor 16 at the Sofia, Bulgaria Junior World Championships and 27 at the Grand Prix Final, we can follow this logic and we arrive at this: 

**NOTE: Someone brought it to my attention I was a little off. I’ve edited to fix it! Sorry if this ruins your day b/c you no longer share a birth year!!** 

Victor’s Birthday is Dec. 25, 1985.  OOPS YOU GUYS. Victor’s late birthday threw me off. His birth year is actually 1984. 

And if Yuuri is 4 years younger, his is November 29, 1989. DOUBLE OOPS!! which makes Yuuri’s 1988! 

((I hope this makes all the astrology geeks happy. Go to town with this info, my friends. I know I will. ))

Since Victor’s career seems to be modeled heavily on Johnny Weir’s, it doesn’t surprise me that Victor suggests to Yuuri, during practice, that Yuuri’s stamina is probably in part to not having any major injuries (and being younger).  If we know that Weir’s career was fraught with major injuries, and we know the parallels between Victor’s career and Weir’s - we can also infer that Victor has likely suffered several major injuries in the past that might limit his physical abilities. 

  1. He’ll also be pushing 29 years old (nearly 30) in the next Grand Prix final. That’s old for most competitive figure skaters - and Yakov isn’t joking when he worries that if Victor takes time off he won’t be able to get back in. Victor’s at the tail end of his competitive career. 

I expect when we see him retire, he’ll take up coaching and choreographing - perhaps following Weir even further and becoming a judge and commentator for competitive skating in the future as well as having a prolific career as a professional exhibition skater. 

Tessa and Scott Hugging... Pt. 1

As per request… :-))) Thank you to everyone who voted, and steered me towards making this post first, your opinions were invaluable in stifling my indecisiveness! :-))) I’ve decided to split the GIFs into a couple of posts because I hate putting stuff under a cut, and I have many GIFs to share…enjoy! :-)))

In no particular order:

Grand Prix Final 2013

I love this one because they were SO happy! They were aglow with joy! <3 Their performance was jaw-droppingly sublime (one of my all-time favourites, actually), and they knew it, which makes it even harder to accept that they didn’t win the title.

Canadian Nationals 2012

This one always leaves me utterly speechless… eyes closed, no physical distance… look at the serenity on her face, look at the concentration on his… you can’t tell where one ends and the other begins… they are each other’s quantum of solace, zen palace, secret garden, you name it… and, to me, that is a truly beautiful, precious bond.

Skate Canada 2011

“Come to me my sweetest friend, can you feel my heart again, I’ll take you back where you belong…”, sang the Goo Goo Dolls. Tessa and Scott knew that they had done it, as evidenced by Scott’s little squeeze, and each welcomed the other into a warm embrace, because they had done it together, as equals.

The Ice Legends 2016

I was there, and I managed to film this hug, so it would be special to me regardless, but the fact that Scott decided to bury himself into Tessa is more than just an added bonus, it is an unequivocal example of how close they’ve become over the past few months. I think that the general sentiment in the patinoire went somewhere along the lines of: “What the f— are you guys doing out there in the dark?.” Ah, sweet torture…

All That Skate Summer 2011

This is one of those situations where I can’t really tell who is hugging whom… Scott invited Tessa into his arms, and Tessa hug-attacked him in response! <3 It was such a tender moment, Scott didn’t even hesitate to show Tessa that he thought she was beautiful, with or without a spray tan. His girl either way.



Video by Elena C.


October 19th, 2012  

Skate America 2012 - 95.07

November 23rd, 2012 (1 month, 5 days later)

NHK Trophy 2012 - 95.32

December 5th, 2013 (1 year, 13 days later)

GPF 2013 - 99.84

February 13th, 2014 (2 months, 9 days later)

Winter Olympics 2014 - 101.45

November 27th, 2015 ( 1 year, 9 months, 15 days later)

NHK Trophy 2015 - 106.33

December 10th, 2015 (2 weeks later)

GPF 2015 - 110.95

Fun Fact:  Yuzuru made history by breaking the world record for the amount of SP records broken.  He surpassed Plushenko’s 5 records!  Congrats!


white swan // black swan


Yuzuru said this after GPF 2012, 14 months before Sochi Olympics,
“In the past, getting a gold medal at the Olympics was a goal. But the earthquake (of 3.11) happened, and many people gave me support, and so now it has changed. My skating is no longer just my own but it comes from everyone’s strength and support, so if I can achieve some results, it will be repaying the kindness. Achieving a gold medal at the Olympics is not a goal, it’s a start. Like the support activities of Shizuka Arakawa (towards disaster-relief efforts), the Olympic gold medal will be my own start of giving back.”
–my translation from biography ‘Yuzuru Method’.

He said this when he just turned 18 and he meant every single word.  We have been seeing him do so many reconstruction support activities…. 
After falling in love with his skating at Sochi Olympics, it’s his character and his love for his people and country that made me a big fan.  

Pics from internet, during visits to areas affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, like Otsuchi in Iwate prefecture and Iwaki in Fukushima. Click on the names to read my past posts about the visits.  Another post with a video on the 5th anniversary of 3.11 with a summary of his activities and feelings HERE.


GPF 2012 FD RAI Sport

Video by Elena C.


GPF 2012 SD RAI Sport

Video by Elena C.