2012 finlandia trophy

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The latest ‘Kiritoru TV’…. very enjoyable as always!  (despite some English mistakes ^^)  

4 main parts:

1)  Athletes who are bilingual. 

2)  Yuzu and Javier are rivals but also very good friends.  One scene is from Finlandia Trophy 2012.  Javi rushed to Yuzu and they hugged (and Yuzu knocked his head on the wall, poor boy!)

3)  Sochi gala practice;  Mao is well-loved by many skaters.

4)  The awesome comments that overseas commentators made when Yuzu performed SEIMEI at GPF 2015.  (Spanish, Italian, British Eurosport)  

-thanks to YzRIKO for the video.


Finlandia Trophy 2012

Old fancam of B.Orser, Javi & Yuzu…I haven’t seen this one before but so cute at the end

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