2012 february in sk

✈ day 5: 120213 infinite's dorm/practise room

Woke up at 8:30 when we were supposed to get up 7, so that was a great way to start the morning. Luckily we still managed to get out of the hostel at around 10 and made our way to 합정/Hapjeong Station. With no clue where Infinite’s old dorm is apart from the bits and pieces that were shown on yamo and kkeal player, we were just hoping to walk around 망원동/Mangwon-dong and somehow stumble upon their dorm with the help of some luck.

Probably should’ve gotten straight off at 망원동/Mangwon-dong Station ‘cause we ended up getting lost right after we got out of 합정/Hapjeong Station LOL. We walked around for a long, long time - 1.5 hours I think. Once we got sick of walking we decided to take a random bus and see where it goes. So we got on said bus and we kept our eyes out for the buildings that we’ve seen around the dorm, suddently Leng (@iloveyoseob) screams that she saw the building, so we got off the next stop and walked (at a surprisingly quick speed for people whose feet are dying from the amount of walking done these past 5 days.) back from the bus.

And then, there it was, in all it’s beautiful broken down glory - their old dorm. ≧∇≦ Okay, so I know I’ve always complained about how much Infinite disliked their dorm, but seeing it person, it’s actually really small ahaha. When it’s shown in YAMO, the driveway looks like an alright size, but literally park a car in there and there’s no more room. Anyways, while we were taking pictures the lady from the restaurant they always order from (the one where Myungsoo went to get the kimchi for their meal in the first episode of YAMO) had to deliver a meal to the dorm. SO she knocked on the door and I think it was Jungyeop CEO (this is based on the t-shirt he was wearing, 'cause the lady was in he way of the door) if not, it was Gonam (the tall manager). We could also hear the TV playing from the outside so no wonder the boys said that fans could hear them talking from the outside lol…

Up in high spirits we decided to talk a little further to go see if we could find their practise room, but we seemed to be walking around for a while. A banana milk, and 2 streets later we decided to turn back and low and behold - the practise room is literally 30 seconds away from their dorm. We walked around to the back door part and it seems like they only cleaned it out for Kkeal Player, 'cause all I saw was bottles, a bowl of half eaten food, cardboard boxes and a couple of random sticks blocking the entrance… Dropped off a present at the front door and then we headed over the Han River… and that’s a whole other story.

Photo’s will be coming later when I get back home and have a camera cord c: