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I have to make an effort not to take a moment to think about what I’m doing up there. That’s when you look down at your guitar and feel like it’s something you’ve never seen before. I try to avoid that moment. Like all these actions I’ll do now, it’s built in. I can’t fucking do the Macarena again tonight but if I don’t do it, I’ll fuck the next line up. There are a lot of words in our songs. I don’t want to make it seem like I have it hard or anything, but you start thinking about it too much and step out of that zone, you don’t know where you are. What is this? What is this place? You spend all day in your head and then for that one hour, you don’t. Especially the old songs, if I tried to sing a verse from one right now, I couldn’t do it. But in that moment, when I’m there and they’re all around me, playing, it’s built into me. I can do it.
—  Alex Turner

anonymous asked:

if Matt's middle name is Timothy, why does Alex call him "Matthew J. Helders?"

why does Alex do anything

has he done anything over the course of the last year that made you say “hmmm, that thing Alex did makes sense. there’s definitely a good explanation for why he did that thing.”

and anyway,  he’s dyslexic. the T looks like an upside-down J to him (which is a right-side up J in his world, you see) and nobody has the heart to tell him the truth because he’s so sensitive.

also, the other guys think it’s really funny and if you look closely you’ll notice that every time Alex says Matthew J. Helders! the other three guys share secretive knowing glances and snicker under their breath.

this might seem mean-spirited to an outsider but it’s actually good for group morale.   

while we were outside the Olympia last month, a journalist came by and wanted to know what kind of questions we’d ask the band if we could because he’d be interviewing them the next day. He specifically told me to ask the kind of questions fans really want to know. I think I did that.

Apparently it’s been printed in the French magazine LeRock this week. Here’s a (rough) translation below: 

Blake: What brand of eyeliner does Miles Kane wear?

Matt Helders: (laughs) I bet it’s Maybelline.

Alex Turner: No, he must use a more stylish brand. I would say L'Oreal. Wait, they also make make-up as well as shampoo at L'Oreal?

Matt Helders: We’ll ask Miles. He must know.


Blake:  Who is the cutest? Breana (McDow, actress and model from the Suck It And See music videos) or Alex?

Matt Helders: Alex. You should never let your old mates down.

  • Interviewer: Do you ever play pranks on people?
  • Matt Helders: Well, maybe I should. Let me think… nothing big. What kind of pranks are you talking about?
  • Interviewer: I don’t know. Say, on interviewers asking musicians boring questions?
  • Helders: [Silence]
  • Helders: [Silence]
  • Helders: [Silence]
  • Helders: [Silence]
  • Interviewer: Hello?
  • Helders: That was a prank.

Arctic Monkeys - ¿R U Mine? - Live in Mexico City

decided not to publish the Ask this is in reply to. for reasons.

but i typed the damn answer, so i’m going to damn post it. you can probably figure out what sort of message it was. don’t judge me. it needed to be said. 

also, uhh… proofreading is for sissies. i’m  a heroic alpha-male so you can make love to my typos. mmm.


not really, no… you just gotta understand this band isn’t joking when it moves on from something.

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