2012 eastern conference finals


If you didn’t know, LeBron James was 12/14 from the field in the first half for 30 points while Wade got hit in the head with the ball from a fan and is only 1/6 for 6 points.

LeBron also never smiled once. All business! Jon Barry is already talking about how excited he is that LeBron is taking this game so seriously with his no-frills demeanor, but there’s still A LOT of basketball to play and the Celtics are only down 55-42 after the Bronworks.  

James also gave Rajon Rondo (himself with 19 points and 5 assists as well as 5 turnovers) a little pat on the hip. I’m not sure if it was meant as a sign of respect or he was trying to mess with Rajon, but Rondo just laughed when he looked back, almost like he finds it funny that LeBron would try and play head games with him. 

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Regardless, Rajon seems to be the only Celtic that is coming to play tonight. Here he is with another gorgeously timed and perfectly thrown alley-oop to Garnett.

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Like the last 3 games, the different halves of basketball are sometimes disparate hills and valleys for both these teams and if Miami hits a cold streak, the Celtics are right back in this game.