2012 designs

It takes very little to kill or be killed in Hotline Miami- one or two bullets, a knife, even a well-slammed door can get the job done. This applies to the player and their enemies, but what makes this engaging is that it matches the extreme speed that everyone is able to move at. With no resistance, the player can run from one side of the largest map to the other very quickly- and closing the gap between themselves and any given enemy is a small feat. This speed, coupled with the brittleness of every character, means that the player is constantly playing the odds, trying their hardest to not be taken out while also rushing to take out any enemies in their way as fast as possible. 


In honour of the end of the Balance Arc, here’s an animatic I’ve spent the last little while working on!

When speaking to various characters in Katawa Shoujo, their placement and size are often changed to reflect their current role and relationship in the conversation- they are larger when they are speaking loudly or confiding in you, smaller when they are less engaged or on the fringes, etc. Doing this, rather than fading them out as many visual novels tend to do, keeps every character relevant to the conversation, and conveys more information in the limited format.

Future master in training

Yay! I’ve updated finally! Thanks a lot for your patience and support.

Well, I made this outfit design in 2012 (wow!!) partially based in those from Birth by Sleep. Curiously, I was thinking in Sora training to become master when I designed it five years ago. And now, knowing that Sora is officially travelling to Olympus Coliseum for training (Thanks KH 2.8!), I decided it was time to recover it with a bit more mature Sora!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I’m thinking on posting the original 2012 design on Instagram just to compare (✿◠‿◠)

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A character that could have been one of my favorite in 2012 series IF his design wasn’t a big ball with limbs and random spikes coming out of it and if he didn’t just suddenly become a good guy without any shown realization.
This is why I slightly redesigned him for my genderbend AU and made her one of the worse bad guys in it. Like c'mon, Slash could have been such a scary great villain, he prectically knew everything about the turts!
Also female turtles are bigger than male turtles and because, if I’m simple, Slash’s mutation is ¾ turtle she’s also bigger than the male Slash. No wonder Arty’s intimidated!

I’ve had this drawing for a while now and I didn’t want to paint it til I got more experience with paint tool sai but now I have plenty of experience to back me up and I wanted to go for an underwater theme since she is a newt and they are amphibians which means that they spend most of their time in the water and each of the opals on her are just like her regular weapons in the show which she can basically use to shoot from every angle and I wanted to design a dress that fitted her personality where she can look goregous but still be able to kick butt without a regular dress or skirt to hold her back


Five years of art progress! Five years since I swapped out playing video games all day for drawing. I may have gone a tad overboard with this, but sifting through all of my old art felt kinda mesmerizing.

I’m happy with my progress, but not happy enough, so I’ll just have to work harder!


Behind the Scenes of Prometheus

Will you be using any of Giger’s original design for this film?

“…yeah, I brought him in, I showed him what we were doing, showed him the story and he liked it a lot. So he’s doing a little bit of work for me. He’s been doing some murals, big murals, which we’ll see in almost one of the first chambers we encounter when we land where we’re gonna go.” - Ridley Scott