2012 comic con cosplay

M e r l i n c a s t f e s t : KMG week
Day 24: Random Fact (Katie the slasher)

Episode 1.10, audio commentary with Bradley, Colin and Angel:

Katie: “It’s so beautiful! Look at this moment, there’s such a moment between the two of you!”
- - -
On screen Arthur: “Merlin!”
Katie: “I love you.”
Colin: “Come on, you’re just fueling stuff here for websites.”
Katie: “[laughs] Okay I’ll stop!”

Episode 2.12, audio commentary with Colin and Jeremy Webb:

Katie: “Awww… I’m gonna get in trouble if I do stuff like that, aren’t I?” 
Jeremy: “Like what?” 
Katie: “Just like ’aww look, he’s looking after you, caring about you‘” 

Episode 5.13, audio commentary with Julian Murphy:

Katie: "But you can’t deny that Merlin and Arthur do love each other, you know? On whatever love way you want to think that, there is no denying".
- - -
Julian: "I should say that, Katie - before we wrote this episode - insisted that it ended with a kiss between Arthur and Merlin".
Katie: "[…] Okay! My ending, which you didn’t use, which I thought would have been amazing, is: Arthur, mortally wounded on the battlefield. Merlin comes up and cradles him in his arms. Merlin, to Arthur ‘I have magic’. Arthur, takes Merlin’s face in his hands - ‘I know. I think I’ve always known’".
- - - 
Katie: I think he’s just giving him a drink there.
Julian: They did actually just spend the whole episode on this journey, it’s quite-
Katie: ‘Feeding’ each other.
Julian: -quite simple. Yeah I don’t- the ‘feeding’ thing, I think, is in your mind, Katie.
- - - 
Julian: I think that’s read in by them (fans), isn’t it?
Katie: I think it’s entirely what it seems on screen. I don’t think you put anything else in there.

Montecarlo Film Festival 2011 :

About Merthur:
'What do I make of it? I think it’s genius. I think they’ve seeded enough bromance into the first three seasons for them to, you know - how could people not be questioning it? […] Go for it!“

San Diego Comic Con 2012

Reacting to the Arthur/Merlin cosplay kiss during the panel:
Katie: "THIS is why my job is bloody brilliant. and the kiss was GREAT!”
Cosplay!Arthur: “Oh Katie, we know you, we know you ship it”
Katie: “[laughing] and I’m not even subtle about it, am I?”