2012 chicago marathon

Achievement Unlocked: Chicago Marathon 2012 Registration Completed!

I was reticent about signing up for this marathon so soon. This makes 5 marathons that I am officially signed up for this year.

  • NOLA on March 4th
  • Washington DC on March 17th
  • Kalamazoo, MI on May 6th
  • Chicago on October 7th
  • New York City (confirmed entry) on November 4th. 

I’m a tad nervous about all of these events. Especially considering that I also have a 50-mile race (Finger Lakes 50) and the NYC Triathlon (and maybe a half-Ironman) in there during my summer months lull. Regardless, it was filling up very quickly and I wanted to make sure I didn’t have the decision made for me. So, I’ll be there in Chicago with many other illustrious Fitblr runners. 

Bonus, that is my birthday weekend (I turn 35 on the 8th, oh gawd…)! So drinks are on someone else! Maybe!

Anyway, if you’re on the fence about this race, sign up before it is too late. It may not have any entries available sooner, rather than later!