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They went full-scale and extravagant for the first Raf Simons’ Dior fashion show on July 2, 2012. Le Monde reports that 22 species of flowers were used, among which were roses, delphiniums, orchids.

The rationale behind the tapestries of flowers is simply that Christian Dior loved flowers. It’s reportedly an attempt at transposing the Granville family garden onto the catwalk.

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Do you think Eleanor tagged along for a guys trip?

I expect her too as festivals are stunt moments™ since 2012 and considering the campaign around louis is based only on her presence… if she’s not and people are finally able to focus only on his performance and this amazing music event it’d be great so lets hope im wrong

Bette Franke and Maud Welzen

NEW Dior Homme Intense Photo Plus Robert Pattinson Interview from GQ Italy

The scents of my life!

The gasoline in his father’s workshop.

The of woman. 

One who gives testimony: Robert Pattinson

Comfortably with a cashmere coat and with a fresh air of lavender and iris: this is the perfume Robert Pattinson, the immortal who at age 30 is the image of Dior Homme Intense, masculine scent that evokes nocturnal environments. Sensuality smelling Virginia cedra and cinnamon. “Dior proposed me to work in a beauty campaign in 2012 and then the collaboration has been extended to the clothing line,” says the British actor. “I always admired this brand because it could preserve classical elegance, but incredibly avant-garde.”

What is your idea of elegance?“In a way, knowing when you are well dressed and on the other hand, knowledge when the clothing is completely wrong. ”

a smell that reminds you of childhood …” the smell of gasoline. My father worked in a shop and I liked to accompany him. ”

What is the best smell of a woman?” The smell of herself. Not a perfume any. ”

What is the most sensual side of a woman?” Talent. ”

Your public image is linked to a vampire. Does that bother you?“At first yes. But with time I realized that my darker side corresponds to the character. ”

In Dior Homme interpret a rebel. Have you ever broken the rules?“As a child I recorded a piece of music of Michael Jackson on the tape and took him to school, then said he was my father singing.”