2012 art on ice

100 Episodes!

I know this drawing is INCREDIBLY late, but I wanted to upload this ;w;

I know I’m late on this, but Congratulations on 100 episodes, TMNT 2012! this is such an amazing show and I’m looking forward to more episodes in the future!

🐾🖋✏️💕😊❤️💙💜💛💚🎀 Miss Kitty the magical flying cat from outer space and I have a lot of fandoms (and ships) trying to draw for them all is rather hard so we mostly just do how’re fave ones or what has how’re attention the most

And that’s what I’ve drawn with my Miss kitty now 💕

1. It’s Eurovision Week.

2. Yuri!!! on Ice has officially dominated my fandom life for… … I think it’s for good now.

So what better way to celebrate Eurovision Week than to draw Yuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov pair-skating/ice dancing to the Eurovision song that made me follow this crazy singing contest in the first place?

The costumes that the two are wearing were inspired by the costumes that the contestants wore, but I took liberties with Greta by making the gold parts of her dress silver. 

Also, apologies for the shitty background.

I’m aware that this is literally the worst screen shot ever but my dear Stephane Squad, I need to scream at you about this shirt and I do not have time to pause and find better still pictures first. I think I have reached the lowest point with this man and his costumes and then I realize no, I somehow missed the time he skated to bad funk 70s porn music in the 2012 Art on Ice, with a Max Escher Zebra Disco shirt! What is this? WHAT IS THIS?