2012 april's fools day

So I’m getting back into editing (got an MEP I need to make a part for), and I thought I’d make a short MV to get back into practise. This is what I’ve finished so far, so I thought I’d upload a preview here while I work on the rest. Enjoy!

(also note there’s some fast cuts/flashing in the first 15-20 seconds so just a heads up)


There has been another case of a person posting the Valentines Day video (PHIL’S) on YouTube. Not only is this disrespectful and an invasion of privacy, Phil has mentioned multiple times that neither he NOR DAN want that video up, because of the fact that it had backfired.
The video was posted in 2012 I believe, and was supposed to be a prank for April fools day, but somehow got unprivated before, and people went batshit crazy. This forced Phil to take it down and be afraid of Phandom harassing them about Phan.

Please follow the link and ⛔️⛔️ REPORT ⛔️⛔️ the video! Dan and Phil DO NOT want this online anymore‼️

Thank you. This is out of pure fucking respect for the youtubers that we love. No phandom member would ever pull this bullshit if they respected Dan and Phil.